June 2018 – Ezer Mizion saves 36 lives!

In June 2018, Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry facilitated THIRTY SIX lifesaving stem cell transplants – for a total of 2,861 lives saved to date!

Of these, 22 were from personalized donor pools.

Below are the sponsors who saved lives this month, with the total number of transplants done by their donor pool.

S. Adelsberg & Co. Donor Pool 1 life saved!
Boeing Company Donor Pool 9 lives saved!
Brazil Community Donor Pool 132 lives saved!
Circle of Life Donor Pool 7 lives saved!
Damaghi Family Donor Pool 48 lives saved – 2 this month!
Shoshana Eliaz Donor Pool 1 life saved!
Izzy & Caryl Englander Donor Pool 6 lives saved!
David & Sara Farajun Donor Pool 108 lives saved – 3 this month!
Freescale Israel Donor Pool 2 lives saved!
Moises & Michelle Gertner Donor Pool 5 lives saved!
Gimzu Community Donor Pool 1 life saved!
David & Judy Hager Donor Pool 27 lives saved!
Moises & Fanny Haiat Donor Pool 2 lives saved!
Hole In One Donor Pool 39 lives saved!
Ronald O. Perelman Donor Pool 30 lives saved!
Israel & Edith Pollak Donor Pool 16 lives saved!
Ira & Ingeborg Rennert Donor Pool 137 lives saved!
Menachem & Gilat and Shlomi & Tali Saltzer Donor Pool 2 lives saved!
Mina Wizner Donor Pool 3 lives saved!