We Feel Like VIP’s

Dear Rabbi Chananya Chollak and Ezer Mizion,Shalom! My name is Avishalom. I serve as a Rabbi in the Beit Hora’ah in ABC and as a dayan in the Beit Din Exxx Vxxx. I am married and the father of four children ages 6-11, baruch Hashem.To my great sorrow, my acquaintance with Ezer Mizion in recent years stems from my wife’s serious illness. In the recent past, she has undergone difficult treatments in the Davidoff Cancer Center in Petach Tikvah. At the time, she recovered baruch Hashem. Unfortunately, during this past year, she had to resume treatments.

This is not the place to describe all the trials and tribulations we are going through, nor is that the reason I decided to write this letter. You probably are far too familiar with such cases and others even more painful than ours. I’m sure I have little to tell you that you don’t know already. May G-d have mercy on the Jewish people and send a full recovery to all of us.

The reason I decided to write to you personally is that our family was privileged to receive from you a precious gift called “life.”

Our everyday life in this world is filled with non-stop challenges – day after day and hour after hour of endless running, aggravations, fears, anxieties and doubts, without a moment’s rest. From Ezer Mizion, we receive peace, tranquility, happiness and… life.

At these very moments, my wife is getting ready to go to a hotel in Nir Etzion. I heard her this morning getting up with a song on her lips and singing to the children as she got them up to go to school and kindergarten (and this after yesterday’s treatment…) She was so excited that a trip was in the offing to grant her life.

We have not yet gotten over the Chanukah event that you organized for the children at the farm, which gave all of us a boost of joy and vitality. We still bask in the memories of past events that brought us joy and…life.

At moments of tension, of medical tests, of thoughts about things that we fear to say in words, we recall these exciting events, picture the smiles on the faces of our happy children – and thanks to you, we receive life.

These moments of “joy and life” are worth a fortune to us. If we could, we would keep those moments alive forever. If we could, we would stop the “film” and remain suspended in this state of joy and life without returning to our challenges, but…

At present, all we can do is, at the very least, to say – thank you for everything, and to express our deep appreciation for your tremendous life-giving enterprise.

I also want to stress another special, beautiful aspect of your operation.

As a matter of course, when a patient and his family come to an event arranged for them free of charge, they feel a bit “inferior,” “unfortunate,” a kind of “social case” that needs to be cheered up in his misery. That’s how the patient and his family tend to feel deep inside.

Furthermore, as a rule, the organizers, on their part, give off a certain degree of superiority.  After all, they are the ones on the giving side. It is thanks to them that we are receiving this injection of life.

The organizers have every reason to feel self-important. And even if they feel more than a bit, after all is said and done, they deserve it. After all, they are the givers, and whoever isn’t comfortable with that, can leave.

But with Ezer Mizion, I can say in the most definite way, that it is not the case at all!!! I – and all the participants in your events – can attest that the common denominator to all these activities is that always – and I mean always – we feel like “VIPs”, the “sought after ones,” as if we are members of royalty, and we are the ones pulling the strings…

You know how to give us the feeling that we are determining what is good for us and what we prefer. There is a unique and wonderful feeling that everything is functioning as we want. If we have requests or objections, they are immediately addressed. Never did we hear a single word of complaint or the hint of a groan that would indicate that we are burdensome – not from Zevi, Rivka, or Batsheva, nor from anyone else (I don’t know all the names).

You do your job in the most perfect way – both from the logistic standpoint as well as on the plane of human relations. We always come out feeling as if we are doing you a favor by coming… and I am speaking about all the staff members and volunteers, without exception.

I must tell you that I am gripped with emotion every time I see the “comradeship” that prevails between you and your staff. More than once, I overheard conversations between staff members in which they spoke of you with reverence and love.

The unique bond with the volunteers, the humility and simplicity, the natural, open communication with the patients and their families,- it is clear to me that it all starts from the top, and that is why we feel this way.

For all this, we want to “thank, praise and extol,” and to say thank you in our name and in the name of all those who receive the gift of joy and life.

May you merit always being among the givers, the healthy, the granters of life, and the happy – forever! Amen – may it be G-d’s will!


When It is Impossible to Cook…

Over the last few months, I was privileged to become closely acquainted with the powerhouse of activity generated by the great chesed organization, “Ezer Mizion”.

Our family went through a difficult period of time, extending over the span of quite a few months, during which it was almost impossible for me to cook meals for my family. Continue reading When It is Impossible to Cook…


Chalk Up Success to…


Hydrotherapy Pool staffShalom U’vracha!Our son, Meir, has concluded his round of hydrotherapy sessions and we wish to express our deep admiration for his dedicated therapist, Ms. Yona Levi. Over the last two years, we have encountered a large number of paramedical therapists at various facilities, but we never experienced such remarkably warm, devoted care and empathy as Ms. Levi offered.

During the acclimation period, when Meir cried a lot and found the water exercise very difficult, Yona armed herself with boundless patience and rare forbearance. She adeptly distracted him, calmed him and worked with him to the maximum level possible, until she gradually brought him to the stage where he enjoyed and took a lively interest in the water.

Ms. Levi made it her goal to advance Meir regardless of the effort involved and in the face of all difficulties. To this end, she rallied her finest abilities and strengths and invested special efforts in creating attractive stimuli to increase Meir’s motivation. She devoted thought as to how best to set goals to elicit his maximum and was not put off by any obstacles. Beyond any doubt, a significant part of Meir’s progress can be chalked up to her efforts – and for that, we are tremendously grateful.

It is important to point out that from a personal standpoint as well, Yona related to us, Meir’s parents, in the most wonderful manner. She was always interested and optimistic, constantly radiating a sense of caring, patience and genuine empathy.

The brief words written in this letter cannot possibly capture the full scope of our gratitude and admiration. May G-d repay you, Yona, for your efforts, and may your Divine reward be complete!

With our respect and appreciation,

The G. Family



A Heart Full of Song

Bracha stars in Ezer Mizion’s FOREVER music and dance production to benefit the Jewish Bone Marrow Registry

By: Rachel Groskopfconcert 2012 Forever

That a Jewish woman wears many hats is not a novel idea. 25-year-old Boro Park native now living in Far Rockaway, Bracha Jaffe is no exception. A wife and mother of two, talented songstress and dedicated oncology nurse, Bracha is passionate about the diverse roles she plays. Continue reading A Heart Full of Song


Strength to Go On

Chesed is not just when it’s convenient and comfortable.

I want to tell you what chesed is – the chesed of a large, extended family, whose long arms embrace the world, a family composed of many wonderful, shining souls – the Ezer Mizion family.

When a jeep trip was scheduled for the families of cancer patients of Oranit, right in the middle of Chanukah vacation, the jeep drivers showed up – every one. We heard one driver pick up a call on his cell phone – it was the secretary, who was sure that her boss was at home, enjoying Chanukah vacation with his grandchildren …

We can go on and talk about the entire remarkable staff here at Ezer Mizion – Rabbi Chollak, Rivky, Idit, Tzippy, Anat, Esther, Ahrele, Yomi and Yisrael, and all the many volunteers, who lovingly showered us with trips, films, workshops, presentations, petting zoos, delicious food – you name it!

And don’t think for a minute that these people are not missed by their beloved families on Chanukah – but when they are “on duty” – chesed comes first!

Yes, Ezer Mizion gave us the strength to go on despite the challenges Hashem has assigned each one of us. We thank you all, as well as the people who contributed of their time and money, so that we could lift our heads above the waves, and take a deep breath so as to keep up our fight for life.



The Notes of Forever…

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“I Feel as if the Same Blood Flows through our Veins”

A routine blood test done during the IDF induction process led Idan Dukatch, a soldier from Ashkelon, to the opportunity to save a life.  His bone marrow donation was transplanted to Alex Katz, a 17-year old boy from New Jersey with cancer.  At the end of a nerve-racking half year, waiting for updates on Katz’s condition, Dukatch finally received a letter telling him that the boy recovered and regained his health – all thanks to his donation.  In a moving encounter orchestrated by Ezer Mizion, the two came together at a tear-jerking meeting.  Dukatch: “I saw him and it was an amazing feeling. I think about his family every day.”pr bmr dinner 2012 The Venetian

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Ipads and Toddlers when Speech is Delayed

When iPads, iPhones and iPods were first marketed, there was a lot of talk about their potential for making video viewing, reading books and newspapers, games, social networking. office apps and more, easily accessible. pr voca 2012 1506_ne_photo_stories1_27301

Millions of i-gadgets have since been sold around the world. With the development and increased presence of the i-devices, children at younger ages have been exposed to them, are playing with them and using them more and more. Continue reading Ipads and Toddlers when Speech is Delayed