With You Wherever, Whenever

Did you ever follow an Ezer Mizion staff member around over his day? Not advisable if you need your eight hours of sleep. But we can check his postings at a more decent hour.

“It’s now 2:26 AM. I’m exhausted but I must send this note to MC to say thank you before I go to bed for the night. We just worked on a difficult case together. A woman who had given birth just 6 weeks ago was admitted to Hospital A with a  huge bleeding brain tumor and Ezer Mizion Medical Referral Dept. was contacted to be sure she was getting optimal care. MC determined, after a lengthy session researching her case, that Hospital B would be better for her care. Time was of essence and the move should take place NOW.  Switching hospitals is complex involving much red tape. How to make this happen? Well, it wasn’t a job for a shy, timid person. That I can tell you. MC didn’t hesitate to call key doctors on their private lines. Their being asleep for the night was not a factor to be considered. A Jewish life was at stake. They all rallied. It’s natural to have respect for someone whose actions display no ego, only a sincere desire to help. Well,,it’s done. She’s transferred. We can only pray now for good news for this young mother.  

Our staff will provide whatever is needed for the family at home and for those staying with the patient at the hospital. Rides to and from the hospital will materialize at the push of a button. Hot meals will be delivered by compassionate volunteers every day to the hospital for the caregivers. Loving babysitters will care for the new baby and for the older children. There will be treats for the kids, trips, the Guest Home where they can spend time doing fun things under the guidance of therapists who will help them cope. Emotional support for the father. And, of course, ongoing monitoring of his wife’s case.  

That’s how it is when you have one gigantic Ezer Mizion family, spread out all over the country.

When you see this message in the morning, notice what time it was written. It is a great merit to be part of a family that never stops giving, with no limitations of time, hour, or place.

Maybe it is the late night hour that is making me so emotional. But I felt great pride when I told the family: “We at Ezer Mizion are with you throughout the process — first in the original hospital, then in the second hospital, and also in your home in Carmiel. We are here with medical counseling, ambulance transport, meals — whenever, wherever you are in this story, we are with you!”

Such pride to feel myself a small part of something so huge – the Ezer Mizion family!!!” May all of you — the staff, the volunteers, and, of course, those whose generous donations help fund each mission — each one of you be blessed from above.


A Midnight Inter- office Text from an Ezer Mizion Director

It’s close to midnight. Forgive the late hour, but I just can’t restrain myself. I must share this with my fellow staff members. 

Two hours ago, I got a phone call from one of community movers and shakers saying that an elderly community leader who has done so much for others is now in dire need himself.  He was just given an urgent referral to the hospital ER. He was shaken and was now confronted with a night at the ER, facing the unknown alone during the dark, frightful hours when he so desperately needed the comforts and familiarity of his own home.

I was asked if it might be possible to expedite the process.

I called Moshe Charash, Director of Ezer Mizion’s Medical Referrals and Advocacy Department and asked him what could be done.

I was told that best doctor for this medical issue is in Tel Hashomer. The patient is in Haifa. Not good.

And the doctor is off duty at night. Even worse.

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A Letter Meant for You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

pr mental illness flowers 1542_ne_photo_stories1_98b2aShalom!

I just wanted to express in writing my deep admiration of the amazing woman on your Ezer Mizion Advocacy Unit staff named Tovi.

Today was the day of my appeal for eligibility for a stipend for my disabled son. I was so nervous. Everything depended on the outcome of this appeal.

Like an angel from Heaven, Tovi’s  number appeared on my cell phone screen. She called to prepare me and to give me the emotional support that I needed to present my case well.  The instructions she gave me proved to be extremely  effective!!! Continue reading A Letter Meant for You, Our Dear Friends and SupportersFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

A Letter Meant for You, Our Friends and Supporters

Hamodia – public blog letters
Dec. 30, 2014

We want to thank Ezer Mizion from the bottom of our heart for their counseling and guidance on the subject of entitlement for a child disability allotment from Bituach Leumi.
We called Ezer Mizion repeatedly, we left numerous messages with lots of questions, and each time, they got back to us with endless patience.

Ezer Mizion’s Advocacy Unit advised us about submitting documents, and again, before we went before the committee – what to present and how to say it, and baruch Hashem, the answer was positive. Continue reading A Letter Meant for You, Our Friends and SupportersFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

Interviews at the Hospital

Yated Ne’eman – Yated Hashavua
Sept. 19, 2014
By: Y. Shalev
“Ko’ach Ezer” – All-Embracing Help
At the entrance to the Oncology Ward, the world stops. A fight for life rages in every room, in every bed. And as in war, there are many forces involved: doctors and nurses, relatives and friends, social workers, medical clowns, and more. Each one and his job, each one and his part in the battle * But hovering over them all is the “Iron Dome” of Ezer Mizion, there at the ready to intercept every challenge, remove every obstacle that appears on the way, and take care of all the auxiliary matters, so that the people fighting for their lives can focus on the battle, and with Hashem’s help, get past it safely.
A hum of whispers accompanies Rabbi Chananya Chollak’s entrance to the ward. Doctors and staff members alike, parents and children, all look up to him with reverent eyes. pr Chananya ChollakThis is the man who stands behind the two-word phrase, “Ezer Mizion,” a phrase that personifies for them the light within the darkness, the warm, enveloping embrace in rocky, frightening times.
Those who recognize Rabbi Chollak quickly inform the others of the identity of the one who came in, and they too join in eying the man who stands behind all the good angels filling the ward around the clock, all in one, single goal: to help relieve the patients’ burden.
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When an Advocate is Needed

appeared in: Yated Ne’eman
Reshut Harabim section – letters to the editor
July 22, 2014
Assistance to the Public in Obtaining Information about Entitlements at Bituach Leumi for Disabled Children
One of our children has a medical problem we are dealing with. When we submitted a request to Bituach Leumi for a Disability Allotment, as rightfully provided by law, we were issued a flat refusal. We heard that there are companies who help people like us actualize entitlements and take a hefty percentage in return.
At the last minute, before we turned to one of these companies, we found out that Ezer Mizion runs an Advocacy Unit that serves parents of children under age 18, where they provide assistance at no cost pr phone(tel. 073-395-6703).
We called them and were received graciously. They guided us, step by step, telling us exactly what to do, and thanks to their counsel. I am glad to share with you that we have started receiving an allotment for 100% disability at Bituach Leumi. Not only that – after being advised by Ezer Mizion to submit another request, we actually received this amount retroactively for a year. Continue reading When an Advocate is NeededFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

Working Together with Ma’ayanei Hayeshua Medical Center

Hamevaser – Financial section

June 17, 2014

Every Child – a Diamond

High-ranking figures in Israel’s diamond industry participated last week in a modest, moving ceremony at the new Children’s Ward in Ma’ayanei Hayeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak. Continue reading Working Together with Ma’ayanei Hayeshua Medical CenterFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

Strike A Match

All parents dream of the day they will accompany their child to the chuppah (bridal canopy) and see him found a family of his own. But for many parents, bringing that dream to fruition can be a nightmare! When the young man or woman has a medical condition that casts a shadow on his or her matrimonial future, the path to the chuppah may be strewn, not with rose petals and confetti, but with tears and frustration.

A few years ago Ezer Mizion decided to take up the challenge of advancing matches with medical issues. Continue reading Strike A Match


Information on Heart Disease Can Save Lives

Hashavua B’Elad by: Yair Peled

A joint initiative of Ezer Mizion and the Rabin Medical Center delivered important, updated medical information to the general public on the subject of heart disease, prevention and recognizing early signs.

Following widely-publicized studies on heart disease and its prevention, many people have heard that early identification of heart disease can literally save lives. Yet few know how to recognize these signs and expedite the vital early diagnosis. Continue reading Information on Heart Disease Can Save Lives