Because of You My Children Have an Abba (Father)

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Success of a bone marrow transplant hinges on genetic matching

Isn’t every child supposed to have both an Abba and an Ima (father and mother)? Two year old Naomi and her baby brother almost didn’t. Now their mother stood there in tears of joy when she met Aryeh. “Because of you, my children have an Abba,” she cried over and over again.

Who is Aryeh? We’ll let Abba tell that story. Continue reading Because of You My Children Have an Abba (Father)


A Teenage Girl with No Hair??!


by: Dr. Itai Gal

After Keren Mansherov was stricken with leukemia for the second time, her doctors decided that she needed a bone marrow transplant. Gal Chanuchiev, who had given a saliva sample during his chain of induction to the IDF, was found to be a perfect match as a donor. Now, a year after he saved his life – the two met. “I looked forward so much to meeting the person thanks to whom I’m here today,” said Mansherov. “It’s great to be alive!”pr bmr keren before and after 2014 10321784_10152159668623650_3236216693436559224_o

Every night, when 17-year-old Keren Mansherov closed her eyes, she would try to imagine how the man who saved her life looked. Continue reading A Teenage Girl with No Hair??!