Because of You!

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Even we here at Ezer Mizion are impressed! In the months of February and March Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry facilitated forty six lifesaving transplants!

Thirty six of these transplants were sponsored by personalized Donor Pools as reported below. These generous friends of Ezer Mizion created a pool of potential donors by contributing $25,000 or more. It’s hard to imagine what they feel like receiving the news of the lives they have saved. Continue reading Because of You!



David was five. His parents had despaired of his reaching six… until a felpr bmr match Menashe Grunfeld & Marc Weinsteinlow Jew gave him a second chance at life. Mr.  A., who had never met David, donated his stem cells, thus saving the life of a Jewish child.

“You are his brother,” David’s father wept, as he hugged Mr. A. tightly. There was little else to say to the man whose bone marrow produces the blood in David’s veins. The moment was too poignant; too precious for words. But when words fall short, tears speak volumes. Continue reading Enough?


For Those Who LIke Numbers…

Great Start to 2013!
Great Start to 2013!

It’s the end of the 2012 fiscal year. Accounting time. How did we do?

Questions every business asks and Ezer Mizion is no different. Except in the ‘what’ that is tabulated. It’s not stocks or dollars that is counted but lives. Jewish lives. Continue reading For Those Who LIke Numbers…


Who Are You?

Over the last two years, Pini Doron had plenty of time to think about the anonymous donor whose bone marrow donation saved his life.

pr bmr pini doron 2013 1548_ne_photo_stories1_7be86Last week, the two were finally able to meet, and Pini and his family had the chance to personally thank Elad Levi, 35, from Tel-Aviv, the man who – with minimal effort – was privileged to give life to a husband, father, and grandfather Pini Doron. Continue reading Who Are You?


Help Save Rinat Mordo

Residents of Ramleh and nearby areas are invited to take part in a special bone marrow donation drive to save the life of Rinat Mordo, a ninth grader at Idanim High School in Ramleh who has leukemia.

Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry is coordinating a donor recruitment drive in an attempt to find a matching stem cell bmr Rinat Mordo 1545_ne_photo_stories1_0a9ea The bone marrow drive will take place on Wednesday Feb. 20th at the Art School in Kiryat Ha’umanim, 31 Uzi Chitman St., Ramleh, between 5 and 8 PM. All you need to join is to give a simple saliva sample, at no cost.

This is the third year that Rinat Mordo has been battling with blood cancer. Continue reading Help Save Rinat Mordo


A Heart Full of Song

Bracha stars in Ezer Mizion’s FOREVER music and dance production to benefit the Jewish Bone Marrow Registry

By: Rachel Groskopfconcert 2012 Forever

That a Jewish woman wears many hats is not a novel idea. 25-year-old Boro Park native now living in Far Rockaway, Bracha Jaffe is no exception. A wife and mother of two, talented songstress and dedicated oncology nurse, Bracha is passionate about the diverse roles she plays. Continue reading A Heart Full of Song


The Notes of Forever…

The notes of Ezer Mizion’s Forever concert will echo in the hearts forever of all the women and girls who attended the performance at Brooklyn College or Monsey’s Rockland County Theater.concert 2012 Forever So many who attended the afternoon Monsey performance purchased tickets to the evening show so that they may share an exceptional experience with relatives and friends.concert 2012 Forever Continue reading The Notes of Forever…