No Matter What is Needed

Deeply ingrained in the Ezer Mizion volunteer is to ‘be there’ both practically and in spirit with the needs of those suffering from life’s crises. It may be sharing tears when the prognosis is not good or it may be sharing smiles at a festive party like that which took place recently with Ofri who celebrated her last treatment, Note her grin. Doesn’t it say it all!

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Cancer Support with a Vro-o-o-m

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Cancer support with a vro-o-o-om

Cancer is frightening. It’s a nightmare that even Mommy’s hug can’t make go away. The child, and often his siblings, are often paralyzed with fear.   A relaxed, happy frame of mind, so vital to the battle he must wage, seems so far, far away.   Even an itty bitty smile becomes a distant stranger to the tiny face that mirrors only terror and pain.

Ezer Mizion cannot cure the cancer but we will move heaven and earth to create a giggle. Professional staff and volunteers spend hours creating programs that bring happiness to the cancer patient and his whole family, to lighten their burden both practically and emotionally. Ideas abound. Birthday parties, trips, story hour, music clubs, lego sessions, even a petting zoo. And recently balloons. Continue reading Cancer Support with a Vro-o-o-mFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

Ima, What Are They Doing to Me?

Makor Rishon – Women’s Section
by: Hadas Lixenberg

The chemical matter is infused into Maoz’s little body, and he begins to vomit and run a fever. His first chemotherapy treatment is off to a frightening start.
* * *
On the coming Motzaei Shabbat (Saturday evening), we will begin the first round of food delivery IMG_0174 All of Maoz’s treatments will take place in the Oncology Ward at Schneider Hospital, in the Bone Marrow Transplant section. We heard and read endlessly about this medication, which destroys everything in order to conquer the body. Maoz’s carry bag is organized in advance for a long, grueling hospital stay. I packed him up the clothes he likes best, coloring books, markers, and disks of all the children’s singing idols – everything so he will feel at home. Continue reading Ima, What Are They Doing to Me?Facebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail