The Golden Age?

pr golden 2 14 yom tzilulimIt’s called the Golden Age. From the vantage point of a younger person, it truly seems golden. No difficulties with toddlers or raising a difficult teen. No problematic boss to please. No mortgage payments to meet. The senior can just sit back and enjoy her accomplishments. But is it really so? Now let’s change hats and sit on the senior’s rocking chair. No children who need her to kiss the boo-boo away. No shared smile of satisfaction with a daughter when the perfect Yom Tov outfit s finally found. No challenges. No satisfaction in meeting those challenges. The former frantically-busy-mother wonders just what she is doing in the world. Gradually, lacking the stimulus of natural challenge, she forgets how to think, how to problem solve, how to plan. Lacking goals, she is miserable, depressed with no idea how to extricate herself from the dilemma. Continue reading The Golden Age?


It’s Only a Game…or Is it?


pr golden 2 14 yom tzilulim DSCF1594Esty had absorbed the message that pervades every nook and cranny at Ezer Mizion: “What else can we do to help those in need?” Esty was hired as a Developmental Aide who met with special needs children several times a week, working to attain the goals set by the therapists. Being well trained in the field and blessed with a lot of initiative and great ideas, she developed a program using games to help meet those goals. A classic Candyland game could work wonders if utilized in the right way, she discovered. It was not long before she was heading Ezer Mizion’s newly founded Game Lending Library. Therapists would use the games to supplement their own supplies and families with special children would meet with her and borrow games based on her recommendation.

A busy mother, at her wits end, is told that her child will grow so much more if Mommy does ‘homework’ with him each day. It’s not that she doesn’t want to obey the therapists’ instructions. It’s not that she doesn’t care about her child reaching his potential. Continue reading It’s Only a Game…or Is it?


Major Profits?

pr canc sup donation to Oranit 7 14 995060_345389185614024_8421655500101133163_nA delivery to a major toy store? A tremendous boost to his cash flow? Fabulous profits? Yes, but not in the usual business sense. The profits are in the heavenly sphere. Mr. Meir Kahana, manager of ISRATOYS has donated hundreds of games and toys to bring joy to the children at Ezer Mizion Oranit Cancer Support Center. As is well known in the medical field, the spirit has a great effect on the ability of the body to fight illness. Mr. Kahana has provided the ultimate in “vitamins” for these children, enabling them strengthen their spirits and hopefully win their battle for life!


Who Won?

A letter was sent to Ezer Mizion which really should have been mailed to each one of you! Read and enjoy. You made it happen!
pr special games andlife skills
What will they think of next?

Every day, the special children at Ezer Mizion’s Activity Clubs in Elad, like the Ezer Mizion Special Girls’ Clubs in various cities throughout Israel, enjoy a variety of enriching activities. Continue reading Who Won?