Me, Too!

pr phoneIt was not that long ago when little Irit would complain, “I want one, too,” each time her big sister, Chen, received a snack or a toy. As is the way of the world, the sisters matured and Irit no longer watched with eagle eyes to be sure she received her share. However, there was a time, when they were both young adults, when Irit did wish she could also have the gift that was bestowed upon her sister. What was the gift? Continue reading Me, Too!


“As a United Community – the Sky’s the Limit!”

It’s all over now but there was a time when Colonel Uri Cohen and his wife, Nurit did not think they would ever be able to say those words. A year and a half ago, Nurit, a mother of six, was diagnosed with cancer and the sky fell down onto their young lives. pr anxiety Continue reading “As a United Community – the Sky’s the Limit!”


Back to Life – Thanks to You


Sept. 21, 2014
Where do I start? For a full year, the sentences have been running through our minds – what to say when we meet and what to write so as to make it perfectly clear that we feel we owe you the life of our dearest loved one.
They say that “One who saves a single Jewish life, it is as if he saved an entire world.” Who can vouch for the truth of this statement more than we can? With your bone marrow donation, you saved our son, and in doing so, saved us as well – an entire family.
As parents, there is nothing more painful than knowing your child’s life is in danger, while you, the parents who brought him into the world, are helpless to save him.  Prescription bottles filled with colorful medications Continue reading Back to Life – Thanks to You


A Teenage Girl with No Hair??!


by: Dr. Itai Gal

After Keren Mansherov was stricken with leukemia for the second time, her doctors decided that she needed a bone marrow transplant. Gal Chanuchiev, who had given a saliva sample during his chain of induction to the IDF, was found to be a perfect match as a donor. Now, a year after he saved his life – the two met. “I looked forward so much to meeting the person thanks to whom I’m here today,” said Mansherov. “It’s great to be alive!”pr bmr keren before and after 2014 10321784_10152159668623650_3236216693436559224_o

Every night, when 17-year-old Keren Mansherov closed her eyes, she would try to imagine how the man who saved her life looked. Continue reading A Teenage Girl with No Hair??!


Watching Them Grow Up

“Last January was a very busy month for my husband, Dudi. He is manager of a software company, a job that keeps him busy every moment. He didn’t feel well, as if he had a lingering flu, but he simply didn’t have time to be sick. When the workload abated a bit, he took two days vacation, but he still didn’t feel any better. Prescription bottles filled with colorful medications Continue reading Watching Them Grow Up