Hidden Away Among the Leaves there Lies A…

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Yes i can!

There it stands, a picturesque chalet surrounded by luxuriant foliage in a rustic village located in Nechalim. From a distance it exudes a quiet loveliness but come closer and you’ll see that it is anything but quiet. Everywhere you look there are motorized wheelchairs and their owners are going from here to there, busy, busy, busy, very intent on achieving their goals. Their goals are many – these severely handicapped young people. Some are unable to walk, others unable to speak but all have talents, opinions, desires. Continue reading Hidden Away Among the Leaves there Lies A…


When the Mazel Tov Seems So Far Away

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In search of that elusive Mazel Tov

Ezer Mizion’s Strike A Match Division, under the able leadership of Mrs. Reisner, continues to make a difference in the lives of so many who approach the search for a marriage partner with a major strike against them.   Continue reading When the Mazel Tov Seems So Far Away


Bella Stern’s Math Lesson

Bella Stern’s math lesson: When you have less, give away more and the total will increase.
It’s a tried and true method, says Mrs. Stern. It works every time. Mrs. Stern is past seventy and paralyzed from the waist down due to polio which she contracted as a child. She moves around with heavy leg braces on crutches. Many people who knew her from phone conversations are shocked when they meet her in person, never realizing the challenging physical condition she endures with such cheer and optimism. Continue reading Bella Stern’s Math Lesson


I’m Nervous…

Menachem Weiss, a “special” teen, reports every week to Merkaz Ha’inyanim on an angle of life that he alone can talk about
Winding Up the Summer
Shalom dear readers!
It’s that time of year and I’m nervous again.
Ezer Mizion’s retreats for CP guys like me are fantastic. They’re a lot of fun. Being with friends who share the same experiences is…well, I have no words to describe it. But still I get nervous. pr spec CP Matan 2014 10487420_342417442577865_7608780507596901650_n
One retreat is always not so far from home, and if there is a problem, someone from my family can come right away.
I’ve been going to these retreats for many years now, since I was a little boy. And each year I arrive feeling tense. Continue reading I’m Nervous…


Hooray! It’s Camp Time Again!

Summer is here and with it, children everywhere are gearing up for a fun-filled, revitalizing and exciting summer season. Ezer Mizion’s summer camps, as you so well know, ensure that even special needs children and children battling cancer can look forward to a memorable and enriching summer camp experience.pr summer_beach_ball
This year have introduced upgrades in many of our camps. We are gratified to share with you a sampling. Continue reading Hooray! It’s Camp Time Again!


15 Minutes

Photo: Today, Yisrael was being transported in an Ezer Mizion ambulance from Petach Tikvah to Jerusalem, where he had a doctor's appointment. The trip went unusually quickly and as they approached Jerusalem, they saw that there were another fifteen minutes left before the scheduled appointment. Yisrael asked the driver, Yair Ozeri, to take the opportunity and stop by the gravesite of the prophet Samuel on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where he had not had a chance to pray for years. Keep in mind that due to his medical condition, the only way for Yisrael to get around is by ambulance and he leaves the house only for medical purposes…This is also an opportunity to thank the volunteers at the Petach Tikvah branch of Ezer Mizion for their warm embrace and the daily assistance they give Yisrael throughout the year.
Doctor visits. Not very exciting but for Yisroel, those are the only times he steps out of his routine.  Unable to do what most of us take for granted-hop on a bus and go wherever we like-Yisroel is dependent on others for every move. This week was special for him. The Ezer Mizion driver arrived in Jerusalem 15 minutes ahead of schedule. For Yisroel, those fifteen minutes were a surprise gift. His relationship with the driver, and all Ezer Mizion drivers, was that of a friend and he felt perfectly comfortable in suggesting that they use the time to stop of at the gravesite of Samuel, the prophet , to pray. The driver was thrilled at the opportunity to give Yisroel that extra something. You see, the inside of an Ezer Mizion driver is not comprised of nickels and dimes. Inside, he is one big heart.