It’s Never Not a Good Time

“It’s not a good time now. Perhaps another day…” These words would never be uttered by an Ezer Mizion staff member. And so there she was on a Friday, not a working day, three hours before Shabbos and elbow deep in challah (bread used on the Sabbath)dough and potato kugel (pudding), when the phone rang. An 11 year old boy with corona has been rushed from his Beit Shemesh home to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital and is waiting for an emergency appendectomy. His mother is with him, both of them sick with corona. Both feeling awful, both strictly quarantined together in their hospital room, without any way to obtain even minimal needs. Can she help?

With the sizzling of the frying pan and the hum of the mixer creating a background of erev Shabbos sounds, to work. Most vital was to contact the Medical Referral Director who was also at home preparing for Shabbos. A nail-biting phone conversation between the director and the father who was in quarantine with his other kids. Shabbos approaching. Fast.  More calls by the director to get the appropriate anesthesiologist and surgeon on the case. Finally a sigh of relief. Minutes before Shabbos   Everything in place.

As the director’s phone line buzzed with tension, N. began another chain of calls.  The clock continued ticking and the challos came out of the oven, No time to even check if the Medical Referrals Director was successful. Food had to be procured. Someone nearby. Maybe her…no, line busy. Perhaps she…no, she’s sick with corona. Another call. Another. Until C. answered. Before even hanging up the phone, C. frantically began  putting together pans of delicious hot food for Shabbos with fruit and nuts for treats and even a cozy blanket for Mommy to warm both body and soul as she nervously awaits her son’s surgery.

The serenity of Shabbos began to settle on the many homes in Yerushalayim, Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv and Beit Shemesh – those that had, only minutes before, been feverishly been putting things together for this family in trouble. Shabbos. Peace. Tranquility. Until Havdollah (closing prayer on the Sabbath) when the calls began again. This time concerned. Is everything ok? How is t boy? Relief. The emergency surgery was successful. The food had arrived. The family could not have been more grateful. All is well. Smiles. Satisfaction. A job well done.

One more thank you note to add to the Ezer Mizion files. Thank you so,so much. Your organization is amazing,( looking forward to supporting it)  We are feeling a lot better, Hope to be discharged soon. What we got was perfect, wow and all this erev Shabbat. Thank you so much loads of brocha”


Cancer on Its Way Out! Happy Two-Year Birthday to Me! by Shir Tahar

Numbers are funny things. They look nice and neat, march in straight rows. They create groups (3 of these and 5 of those) and somehow make us feel that everything is under control. Until one personally finds herself in one of those groups – the wrong one.  The one that people don’t like to mention. You know,   the C word.  Cancer.

That was me. The C monster opened its mouth and grabbed me right before my trip to South America. I had been planning it for months but it wasn’t going to be. I gave myself a compensation prize of some amazing tours in different countries but in between, I toured hospitals.

When cancer ruined my plans…

It was on the big trip to New Zealand, exactly a year ago. Right in the middle of a fantastic trek, when, dressed in a sunhat and attempting to conquer some mountain, I fell apart. I could barely do the last part of the trail, because my body started to weaken. They started doing all kinds of tests. Continue reading Cancer on Its Way Out! Happy Two-Year Birthday to Me! by Shir TaharFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail

Meals on Wheels: Lottie’s Kitchen

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Meals on Wheels for the caretaker sitting for hours and hours at the bedside of a family member

It’s hard work. Ditza is exhausted each day as she makes her way home, usually quite past her official hours. She needed a bit of encouragement to put some verve into her steps.  Recently that encouragement came in the form of two ‘notes from heaven’ showing how much Hashem values her efforts. Continue reading Meals on Wheels: Lottie’s KitchenFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail