A Politician Who Really Means It

pr canc sup jeep intro picture 2015Did you ever meet a politician who means what he says? The very word ‘politician’ connotes duplicity, kissing babies to get votes. How many politicians have made grandiose promises to benefit their constituents and conveniently forgot each one after being elected to office. Are there any politicians who really care about people? Really?
Recently, Raanana Deputy Mayor Chaim Goldman took the day off from his everyday occupations and municipal obligations to join 150 other volunteer drivers who all came with their own jeeps and four wheel drive terrain vehicles to take part in a jeeping trip for Ezer Mizion’s summer camp for cancer patients and their families. Continue reading A Politician Who Really Means It


Jeeping over the Bumps of Cancer with Ezer Mizion

pr canc sup camp 2015 2

This week, Givat Olga’s seashore looked like a military gathering site. 160 ATVs waited anxiously for their guests. Passengers were assigned to each jeep, and after brief organization, the convoy set off northward. But the people on the jeeps weren’t soldiers, but rather 150 of Ezer Mizion’s children and adults with cancer, along with their families. The 160 volunteer drivers reported for “work” on their own time and at their own expense to take part in Ezer Mizion’s jeep trip – a trip that has become one of the high points of the annual summer camp for children and adults with cancer, now marking its twentieth year. Continue reading Jeeping over the Bumps of Cancer with Ezer Mizion


The End of A Delightful Day

pr canc sup jeep 2013Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Support Center took 60 men who are battling cancer on a jeeping outing in the Judean Desert. The drivers were 20 volunteers with jeeps from Land Rover Israel.