Chessed in Jerusalem

Organization and caring: a perfect recipe for maximum chessed. Throughout Israel, Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life (an immense whatsapp network) provides rides to hospitals, delivery of essential meds and so much more for Jews dealing with old age, disabilities and illness. Jerusalem is a challenge. The sheer size of the city and the number of major hospitals located there, have created broad-scope needs for those from around the country who are hospitalized in Israel’s capital. Tele-receptionists man the line most of the day and part of the night, with thousands of volunteers.

Consequently, the hands – and cars – of Linked to Life volunteers at the Jerusalem branch are full of unabated chessed work.

Many residents are in need of service outside the city. A father is taking over for his wife at the bedside of their three-year-old at Schneider’s Hospital in Petach Tikva and needs a ride. An elderly man visiting his daughter in Jerusalem forgot his hearing aid at his home up north. All these fall under the standard umbrella Linked to Life network.

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Developmental Coordinators Empowering the Principal

Due to the great success of Ezer Mizion’s Active Nurturing Playground Project, a program used to identify developmental weaknesses at the early stages and implement means geared to enhance the child’s development, a new step has been undertaken to further the program. pr bmr candyland
The Developmental Coordinators’ Training Course funded by the Van Leer Foundation and the Jerusalem Municipality is a follow-up program to the “Active Nurturing Playground,” a project of Ezer Mizion in collaboration with the “Children and Youth At-risk Program,” the Education Ministry and local municipalities. Continue reading Developmental Coordinators Empowering the PrincipalFacebooktwitterpinterestlinkedinmail