Mazel Tov to Mr. Lego

When Major Maor Cohen drags in his Lego suitcase, the children’s eyes instantly light up. “The Lego Man is here!” For three years now, he has been roving from hospital to hospital. When he gets there, he gathers the children around him – many of them groaning from post-operative pains, knocked out by chemotherapy, or drained by illness – and builds Lego models with them.

(From “Yisrael Hayom,” Yaakov Levitam, Dec. 2013)

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Cohen (33) is a resident of Givatayim,. Two weeks ago, he and his wife finally had their first child, a girl. Continue reading Mazel Tov to Mr. Lego


Solitary Confinement at Age 4??

A 4-1/2 year old child who cannot have contact with other children his age?

A 4-1/2 year old child who cannot run or jump, who does not attend pre-school, who never-ever(!)- goes to the playground, who is not allowed to let his imagination roam free in a sandbox, who is not allowed to enjoy the warmth of pr Oranit Dog Therapy 1246_ne_photo_stories1_fb47fthe sun’s rays, who may never watch a doggie wag its tail or a baby kitten utter a squeaky meow? Continue reading Solitary Confinement at Age 4??


They Didn’t Mix Up the Test Tubes

Anat, the daughter of Jenny, who was saved thanks to a bone marrow donation from Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry, relates:
There is a 20-year difference between my mother and me. We have a ‘contract’, that she ‘retires’ at age 100, and I, at age 80 – and that way, we won’t miss our regular daily chat…pr bmr Anat 1238088_234219193397691_1339497794_n Continue reading They Didn’t Mix Up the Test Tubes


Sibling Jealousy or…?

Parenthood. Sometimes we err on the side of caution. Sometimes the opposite. It’s so hard to know. A year and a half ago, Shachar developed a slight limp that got worse with time. His twin brothers had been born shortly before that, and I thought at first that it was just a ploy to draw our Oranit Shachar pre hair loss 1185576_233847570101520_719880311_n We waited. Continue reading Sibling Jealousy or…?


Can You Imagine the Joy?!

Six year old Itai has had cancer since he was a year old. Itai and his family are receiving therapy at Ezer Mizion Oranit Cancer Support Center. Just a few days ago Itai spoke his first word ever. “IMMA!” (Mommy),7340,L-4419587,00.htmlpr cancer support 8 13 Itai EM therapy. 1st word 'Imma' at age 6. cancer since age 1



Closing the Circle

The world turns…a trite cliché but filled with meaning for Hadas Laufer and her family. pr closing the circle Hadas Laufer1646_ne_photo_stories1_83f41Thirteen years ago, Hadas’ parents underwent a nightmare. The subject of the nightmare, three-year-old Hadas herself, was unaware the time that her young life was in danger.  Only a bone marrow transplant could save her. The search was on for a matching DNA and Ezer Mizion, the largest Jewish registry in the world, was contacted. The family held their collective breath as Ezer Mizion’s vast database was searched. And then the phone rang. Trembling, they lifted the receiver. Continue reading Closing the Circle


Policeman Day!

Hip, hip hooray. It’s Policeman’s Day today! Campers at Ezer Mizion’s Summer Camps for Cancer Patients and their Families woke up one morning with big grins on their faces. What fun! A full day of playing policeman! Fathers were thrilled to watch their sons get a ride on a police motorcypr cancer support summer camp 2013 Policeman Daycle from the National Commander Unit. The only fly in the ointment is that they weren’t offered one themselves. Continue reading Policeman Day!


Dreamotherapy Partners with Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy heals the body. Dreamotherapy heals the soul. The medical profession has long discovered that the spirit of the patient has a dramatic effect on the body’s ability to fight disease. Always in the forefront of new possibilities, Ezer Mizion’s Donald Berman Rehabilitation Center maintains a ‘Make-A-Wish program for its cancer patients.  It may be a small boy experiencing  the joys of ‘being a                                                                                                   pr cancer support Amit plane ride 2013 998429_218207911665486_216592756_npoliceman for  a day’ or an elderly musician once again being on stage doing what he loves best. Recently a young boy was asked what he would like for his fourteenth birthday. With a shy, hesitant grin, he answered unequivocally, “ A plane ride!”  Continue reading Dreamotherapy Partners with Chemotherapy


Of Birthdays and Gifts

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver 2000What did you bring me?”  the small boy asks his aunt who had come to visit on his birthday. His mother blushes in embarrassment, knowing how inappropriate the question is. Yet, on her own birthday, in the privacy of her thoughts, she can’t help thinking similar thoughts. After all, we’re all human.

But some people are a bit more than just human. Like Yehuda Wifflich . He celebrated his 50th birthday this year- and for the past ten years- by organizing a jeep trip in the North for dozens of children with cancer and their families. Continue reading Of Birthdays and Gifts