She Opened Up My Heart

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A Special Marriage

The gentle, loving glance of a freshly-minted chasan (groom) to his kallah (bride) as they sit on their new couch together, sharing their innermost thoughts. A special moment made even more special by the newlyweds themselves – two young people born with Downs Syndrome.

Marriage? Impossible, the naysayers had said. How will she…? How can he…?

But with the right kind of assistance, it became possible and many have found the ultimate in fulfillment with several organizations in Israel holding their hand. Continue reading She Opened Up My Heart


Mazel Tov to Mr. Lego

When Major Maor Cohen drags in his Lego suitcase, the children’s eyes instantly light up. “The Lego Man is here!” For three years now, he has been roving from hospital to hospital. When he gets there, he gathers the children around him – many of them groaning from post-operative pains, knocked out by chemotherapy, or drained by illness – and builds Lego models with them.

(From “Yisrael Hayom,” Yaakov Levitam, Dec. 2013)

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Cohen (33) is a resident of Givatayim,. Two weeks ago, he and his wife finally had their first child, a girl. Continue reading Mazel Tov to Mr. Lego