A Letter Meant for You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

pr fileHello. I was in Sharei Tzedek hospital, staying with 2 grandsons about 2 weeks ago. I flew in from NJ to help our children. I came from the airport to take a shift at the hospital with no food. Someone from your organization came around delivering food to people who weren’t patients. It was beyond amazing! My daughter and I were just discussing how we could get lunch and you showed up! Unbelievable! Thank-you! It was the best lunch ever!

Debbie S.


Shabbos Meals for Familes of Patients

ShabbosEvery Friday night, in every Jewish home, a platter of roast chicken appears on the table and the cholent can be heard bubbling in the crockpot. We take it for granted. It always was and it always will be. Until one week when it isn’t. No mouth-watering aromas emanating from the kitchen.  No frantic calls of, “Put away the game right now and set the table. Shabbos is in eight minutes!” No Mommy standing quietly by the flickering candles, praying for those she loves.  Where is Mommy? The mainstay of the home? The creator of the Shabbos atmosphere? Mommy is in the hospital, undergoing chemo. And even though the clock reads past the time for sunset, Shabbos, as the family knows it, had not yet entered their home. Grandma lives miles away in California  and Abba, utterly devastated by recent events, is hardly functioning. Ten-year-old Chavi spreads peanut butter on bread to feed herself and her siblings. Continue reading Shabbos Meals for Familes of Patients


Lottie’s Kitchen

lk del ok to use w recipient 2Nine hours! Can you imagine spending nine hours with five small, rambunctious children in a hospital setting with no supplies?! It’s the stuff of nightmares but it actually happened to a young mother who became worried about a medical issue in one of her kids and, having no place to leave them, ran out with the whole family to the hospital emergency room. Continue reading Lottie’s Kitchen


Lottie’s Kitchen: A Circle of Giving

pr lk 2013 Laboz homeOnce upon a time there was a family. It consisted of thousands of people. At times they received. At times they gave. And always did they feel connected.
A fairy tale? No, we are referring to Ezer Mizion’s Lottie’s Kitchen family. It is made up of thousands of people who, at times, devote hours to helping others and, unfortunately, at times, find themselves in need of help . And when the need exists no longer, they join the warmth and camaraderie of the Kitchen to pay back and, for those that had been previous volunteers, once again to be on the giving side. Continue reading Lottie’s Kitchen: A Circle of Giving


The Main Course Cooks

A family member is seriously ill. The family enters crisis mode. All energy-physical and emotional- is centered on the sick relative. Nothing remains for routine needs.

Yet routine needs remain and must be met. pr food

Ezer Mizion’s Food Distribution Division has undertaken the responsibility of providing hot, nourishing meals for the entire family during the duration of the crisis.

And what is Ezer Mizion’s Food Distribution Division? It is not an entity. It is not a cold, professional office.  It is comprised of people.  Caring people. Mothers busy with their own lives. Women who are willing to give of their time and energy to shop, peel, slice, fry, bake and package  the main course for these countless meals.

Salary? There is none. Only the satisfaction of helping another Jew. Continue reading The Main Course Cooks