Building the Spirit with Lego Bricks

pr canc sup mini cooper IMG-20151221-WA0008Alon was 21 when he completed his combat duty and was looking forward to beginning civilian life. But it was not to be. He thought he had the flu. A few days in bed… He waited for it to disappear but it just didn’t go away. Then came the diagnosis. Cancer.
It was a cancer that affects kids only. Because of his condition and the treatment required, he was hospitalized at Dana Children’s Hospital, the pediatric hospital of the renowned Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv.
And so there he was in need of as much support as possible but surrounded by children’s activities. He understood intellectually that the most important issue is to get well but longed for some emotional support along the way. A steady stream of arts and crafts counselors, clowns, entertainers, puppet shows, game room counselors, etc. made its way to his door. This was not what he needed. Besides for not feeling well, Alon felt very out of place. Continue reading Building the Spirit with Lego Bricks