Avrohom Fried Shares his Dynamic Spirit with Ezer Mizion Campers

Avrohom Fried shares his dynamic spirit with Ezer Mizion’s special needs campers. Ezer Mizion hosts sleepaway camps and day camps for special needs children and teens in addition to camps geared especially for children afflicted with CP, retreats for diabetic young adults and its camps for cancer patients and their families.

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Sounds of the Soul

Partially due to society’s stigmas, the mentally ill are compelled to prove to the world – and even more importantly, to themselves – that their lives can be meaningful. For those with musical inclinations, Ezer Mizion’s Sounds of the Soul music group fills that need and helps them to restore a sense of self-esteem. Says Danny* who plays the bass guitar, “When I saw the audience dancing to the music that we had created, I understood that I am worth something. I’m not a ‘broken utensil’ to be discarded as refuse. I can create. I have value.” Continue reading Sounds of the Soul