This One is for Us!

pr Chanukah 2019- Netivot- Photo credits- Yaron Gaz
Magic show: the pièce de résistance of a magical day for special needs families

It’s a tradition! The families look forward to it for weeks. It’s not like the others.

Chanukah parties take place all over the country but even the family party can be uncomfortable for parents with special children. While their siblings rejoice in the annual get-together, relaxed, enjoying each other’s company, the special needs parent cannot relax for a moment. Her sister worked hard on a fun kids’ activity. Will her child overturn the perfectly set-up table resulting in children’s tears and adults’ pitying stares? The cousins grab hands. They have plans. They want to put on a choir for the adults and are running down to the basement to practice. They don’t mean to be cruel when they don’t invite her child but her heart cries. She tries to comfort him   as her tears mingle with his. Continue reading This One is for Us!


The Inaugurating of the New Netivot Building

pr Netivot bldg 2016 ok to use“I would wake up in the morning and my mind would begin to churn. Will the deal go through? Will Moishe remember his spelling for the big test today? Can we afford that vacation my wife wants so badly? That was before I attended the inauguration of the new Ezer Mizion building in Netivot and heard Chananya Chollak, Ezer Mizion’s founder, speak. His message was clear. We wake up in the morning and feel fine. Shouldn’t our first thought be: How can I help those that do not wake up feeling fine?”  Thus said an attendee of the inauguration of the new Netivot building who has since registered as an Ezer Mizion volunteer. Continue reading The Inaugurating of the New Netivot Building


Netivot’s Third Year

For the third year running, the Netivot branch of Ezer Mizion held its day camp on the campus of Chemdat Hadarom College

pr summer_beach_ballLast week, Ezer Mizion finished its summer camp season with 14 different camps when its day camp for special children on the campus of Chemdat Hadarom College in Sedot Negev ended.

This is the third year that the Netivot branch of Ezer Mizion has been running the day camp on the campus.

110 special-needs children from the entire Southern region participated in the camp, each one with a personal counselor assigned to him. The day camp was operated by Ezer Mizion administrative and professional staff, backed by 140 volunteers. The camp ran for two weeks. Continue reading Netivot’s Third Year