Cancer – The Menu and the Myth

Yediot Achronot – 24 Hours – “Healthy Times”
May 11, 2014
By: Odit Danino

Many myths have evolved about foods that can prevent cancer or stimulate its development. The staff of dieticians at the “New Beginning Center” attempt to put things in order and sort out the superstitions from the nutritional principles that can cause real change. pr colorful_question_mark_vector_set_148455
Our lifestyle and body weight play an important role in the delay, development or prevention of various types of cancer. In addition, many of those who have had cancer and undergone treatments are interested in sticking to a diet that will help prevent recurrence of the illness. It is therefore not surprising that so many myths evolved around the subject – for example, that sugar “stimulates” cancerous cells, or that is it better to restrict oneself to organic foods. Continue reading Cancer – The Menu and the Myth