Pre-Pesach Musings

The following message came to Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Patient Support Services staff. The message was sent by Racheli E., a young widow who lost her husband Eliavpr file z”l recently. She wrote it to staff after her children returned from an Ezer Mizion trip for a group of youngsters who had lost a parent to cancer.


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Dear Batsheva,

Sorry for the late hour. I want to thank you so much for today. The children really had a great time… You gave my kids what I don’t have the emotional strength to give them now. A day of fun. A day of letting loose. A day of opening up the black curtain and letting the sunshine in. Please pass on my regards and my thanks to everyone. I am sending you something I wrote – a bit long, but nice. Please share it with everyone else at Ezer Mizion. All of you have been with me during this journey. It is to you at Ezer Mizion that I can confide my deepest feelings. I know you understand. You have all been my ‘best friend’ holding my hand throughout and I wanted to share this with you.


Like everyone who starts sniffing Pesach on the horizon, the tension at my home leaped to heights.

But this year, that the black hole pervaded every inch of my home. Even if I ppr suitaint it in all the cheerful colors in the world, something will always bring the black back to the forefront. Continue reading Pre-Pesach Musings


Seder at Oranit

At the Oranit Cancer Patient Guest House, the staff celebrated a Pesach Seder with the children participating in the weekly pre-school Oranit Seder 2014

The Preschool Program at Oranit aims to develop and preserve sick children’s social skills, strengthen their self-image, and establish their independence, even during the period of their illness. Continue reading Seder at Oranit