Impossible Dilemma? Solved.

pr general bldg DG857322A few days ago, my younger sister got married. From the moment she got engaged, I could not get out of my mind the bitter taste of the Shabbat Sheva Berachot we celebrated a year earlier for the sister before her. I felt that I simply did not have the strength to go through another Shabbat like that.
Another Shabbat in which my autistic son Shlomo knocks tables over, stains the clothing of the kallah and the guests when he spills a bottle of cola or oily matbouha tomato salad, knocks down the mechitzah with a boom, fortunately only slightly wounding the mechutan’s foot, and screams at the top of his lungs precisely when the chatan begins to speak… Continue reading Impossible Dilemma? Solved.


Survival Mode

Survival mode. That’s the only way to describe it. When my daughter was out of the house, I lived normally. When she was home, it was all about getting from one minute to the next with the house, her siblings and my sanity usually less than more intact. Pandemonium reigned. Every day. My children hardly knew what it was like to live in a normal home. Invite friends over to study for a test? Absurd. pr mental illness Continue reading Survival Mode


What A Difference!

Beit Shemesh News, Letters to the Editor

We are parents of a child with special needs. About five months ago, we registered our daughter in the Ezer Mizion Activity Club at 24 Nachal Kishon Street in Ramat Beit Shemesh. We had heard a lot about Ezer Mizion’s Activity Clubs and also went for a tour of the place to get a first-hand impression before going ahead with the registration process.  Continue reading What A Difference!


For our Special Children the Clubs are Everything!

Dear devoted Ms. Menucha Finkelstein,
Director of the Ezer Mizion Activity Clubs,

You cannot appreciate the full extent of the need for some chesed organizations until you yourself need them.

If you never stood there, helpless and confused, because your child was lost –
How could you know what a lifesaver the Gamach for Lost Children is? Continue reading For our Special Children the Clubs are Everything!


Thank You to Those Who Understand

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Shabbos Clubs staff, headed by Chani Agasi and Tehillah Cohen. With the greatest of dedication, they think of us, the parents who struggle with raising a special child throughout the week, and giving of their precious time, enable us to have a break on Shabbos – to rest, learn, and give attention to the rest of the family.

We know that Ezer Mizion – and Menucha in particular – spares no effort to make sure that everything will be done in the best possible way

At this opportunity, we also want to thank the staff of the “Friday afternoon” clubs and Yehudit Revach who heads the program, for the exciting activities, the warm attention and love they give our children during the pressured hours of Erev Shabbos.

Keep up your wonderful work!
Thank you,