A Quiet Shabbat

Appeared in:
Hashavua B’elad – July 24, 2014
Hamevaser – July 23, 2014
Ezer Mizion and Elad municipality host 1,000 guests from the South
Ezer Mizion together with the Elad Municipality came up with the much-appreciated initiative of hosting families from the missile-beset South for Shabbat. While the South is being bombed unrelentingly by an assortment of missiles and rockets, the Center of the country is relatively quiet. From among the maRocket Launching clipartjor chareidi cities in Central Israel, Elad had barely heard any air-raid sirens, with the exception of isolated instances. This situation led to the innovative idea that quickly mushroomed into an important project, eliciting an enthusiastic response on all fronts. Continue reading A Quiet Shabbat