Cancer is a hard mountain to climb. Both for the victim and for his family. At times, the uphill trek is made even more difficult by the heavy baggage carried. Unnecessarily. Lior Lixenberg is a fourth grader in Noam Hame’iri School in Lod who carries with her a hefty load. Her five-year-old brother, Maoz, has been battling cancer for two years. pr canc sup Maoz school fair 2015Lior understands that there will be times when her parents will be too busy with Maoz to help her with her homework. That can’t be helped. A casual family vacation is often not feasible due to his condition. She understands that also. But what she does not understand is why some friends seem too scared to come to her house to play or why everybody moves away from her and rushes to join another group when she mentions that her brother was hospitalized. Continue reading Unmentionable?


Back to School

Netanel and Aviel’s parents are neighbors-just a two minute walk from each other. They are good friends but their boys are four years apart and, up until recently didn’t have much in common. Now they do. What can a ten-year-old have in common with a six –year-old, you ask. The answer is chilling.pr canc sup Back to School Netanel and Aviel 10378197_358273767658899_1275031744684346639_n
Last year they each watched from the window as their friends mounted the school bus. Their knapsacks remained forlorn in a corner while their owners spent grueling days receiving chemo.





photo credit: Dana Kopel Continue reading Back to School


I Majored in Survival

While his friends are busy with their matriculation exams, 16-year-old Leor Gershon wakes up every morning in Ichilov hospital to a lesson on survival, as he fights the cancer that is ravaging his body. pr amb Leor school visit 1722_ne_photo_stories1_f7010

A year and a half ago, Leor, a sports champion, was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, he has been undergoing grueling treatments and the doctors had to amputate his leg. Continue reading I Majored in Survival