Of Cell Phones and Stem Cells

Perhaps it was the name they shared-stem cells and cell phones. Perhaps it was a sudden rush of love for his young daughter whose life had been in danger just a few short years ago. Perhaps it was his good character enabling him to retain a feeling of gratitude, even years later, combined with a strong desire to pay back. Perhaps it was all three which gave Yuval Kadosh the idea of using discarded cell phones to  help other cancer patients . Continue reading Of Cell Phones and Stem Cells


78% Bone Marrow Transplants from IDF Recruits

Ipr bmr registration 1466_ne_photo_0b6aen April 2013, Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Donor Registry

facilitated twenty-eight lifesaving transplants. In twenty two of these transplants (78%), the donor was an IDF recruit.

For the past seven years, the IDF has been collaborating with Ezer Mizion to save lives, with IDF soldiers joining the Registry as a routine step in their induction process. Continue reading 78% Bone Marrow Transplants from IDF Recruits


Gala Dinner in Israel Salutes Donors

pr bmr Israel dinner 2013 Rav Shteinman 1619_ne_photo_stories1_e524a“As those who are involved in chessed, the world exists in your merit,” so said Maran Rosh Hayeshiva Rav Aharon Y. L. Steinman shlit”a to the guests at a gala dinner at the Tel Aviv Hilton to benefit Ezer Mizion, one of Israel’s largest chessed organizations. Continue reading Gala Dinner in Israel Salutes Donors


Of Birthdays and Gifts

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver 2000What did you bring me?”  the small boy asks his aunt who had come to visit on his birthday. His mother blushes in embarrassment, knowing how inappropriate the question is. Yet, on her own birthday, in the privacy of her thoughts, she can’t help thinking similar thoughts. After all, we’re all human.

But some people are a bit more than just human. Like Yehuda Wifflich . He celebrated his 50th birthday this year- and for the past ten years- by organizing a jeep trip in the North for dozens of children with cancer and their families. Continue reading Of Birthdays and Gifts



The Lego Club at Oranit, under the dedicated direction of Maor Cohen, or, as the children call him, “the Lego man,” has become a well-known entity.pr cancer sup afiko-lego 2013 1560_ne_photo_stories1_7f83a In honor of Pesach, the club held a special session: Maor rallied friends and donors to sponsor a Lego set as an Afikomen present for each family at Ezer Mizion’s cancer patient guest home that has a family member with cancer.

After two hours during which the families enjoyed working together building Lego creations, three super-size Lego sets were raffled off. The remaining families also received a Lego set as a Pesach Afikomen gift. Continue reading Afiko-Lego


4 Kids Speak about Life with Cancer

The Story of the Biggest Helping the Smallest

Bennie Koshinsky
Bennie Koshinsky

A frightening diagnosis, loss of hair, and the constant fear that the disease would return… four children who overcame cancer with the help of bone marrow transplants facilitated by Ezer Mizion and a very strong determination… Continue reading 4 Kids Speak about Life with Cancer


Wishing you Many More Happy Birthdays

pr Oranit Tomer BD party64213_176535802499364_460028046_n
Roncho the clown joined Ezer Mizion in making this the happiest birthday ever. Each trick was accompanied by an inner prayer that this child would live to celebrate many more birthdays.



They Told Me I’d Never Have Another Baby

They Told Me: ‘You’ll Never Have More Children’
When Efrat was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors told her she would never have more children * Soon, she will be celebrating her son’s firspr cancer support cooking workship New Beg 1563_ne_photo_9f90at birthday

One doctor told her she’d never have a baby. Another offered guidance in adoption.pr birthday cake MB900313827 They all agreed that Efrat Keren’s chances of bearing more children of her own were next to nil. Continue reading They Told Me I’d Never Have Another Baby


Step on the Gas!

Jeep Trip in Dishon for Women with Cancer

More than 20 women with cancer recently enjoyed a jeep trail in the North.

Sunny spring weather greeted the group, as they spent time in the bosom of blossoming, budding nature.pr canc sup jeep trip for women 2013  1557_ne_photo_stories1_6b6e0 The sights, scenery, and perfect weather combined to give the participants an unforgettable experience.

Sarit wrote to our Facebook page: Continue reading Step on the Gas!