On Black Friday, you saved money.!

On Giving Tuesday, save a life!




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Yarden’s parents couldn’t believe it – their little girl, not even 2 years old has cancer?! Childhood Leukemia?! That only happens to other families. Doesn’t it?


For the next several months it was needles, tests, treatments, and screams. Yarden’s father was an officer in the army and experienced many difficult situations but nothing compares to the screams of your baby daughter in the middle of the night. The only thing that can save her was a bone marrow transplant with a DNA match. Ezer Mizion went to work.


A match was found and the next year, Yarden’s family was able to achieve closure on their entire ordeal when they celebrated Yarden’s 3rd birthday at Ezer Mizion and met the donor who saved her life. (see the video attached)


Giving Tuesday is the world’s radical effort to bring light in dark places, to bring smiles to those who have given up, and to give a chance at life when there is no hope.


Please help us this Giving Tuesday by sponsoring a DNA test and bringing another potential donor into our registry. Hundreds of people are being saved each year from people that would never have known they can become a donor if not for Ezer Mizion and the many Swabbing DNA Testing Drives throughout the year.


Let suffering families hear those magical words “We have a match”!


May your kindness and generosity always protect you from sickness and may you enjoy many healthy years and a prosperous future.

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