Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool

Ezer Mizion’s hydrotherapy swimming pool provides hydrotherapy for children and adults with special needs and offers exercise classes for the elderly and other targetted groups to improve their functioning and quality of life. The pool is dedicated by the extended Kornwasser Family in memory of Aharon Yaakov Kornwasser z”l , and was set up with the gracious assistance of Bituach Leumi and the Shalem Foundation.


Hydrotherapy is a method of using water – hydro (water) therapy – with the objective to improve quality of life and upgrade the capabilities of those who experience difficulty with various types of functioning.

The therapy utilizes the properties of the water (temperature, depth, pressure, currents) and the weight and mobility of the human body in water while floating and swimming, where the water is a therapy facilitator.

The therapy is performed one-on-one with professionally trained hydro-therapists in accordance with the needs of the individual clients.

Target Population and Therapy Goals

The pool features exercise groups for a variety of ages and physical conditions. Over 600 people attend exercise groups at the pool each week. Children, teenagers, adults and the elderly for improvement of functioning in many varied areas:

  • Orthopaedic: Weakness of muscles, limbs, back or leg pain
  • Neurological: Paralysis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy
  • Sensory: Hearing impairment, vision problems, tactile (touch) challenges, and motion problems
  • Motor: Motor skills, difficulty with balance and coordination
  • Emotional: negative self-image, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence
  • Behavioural: Poor attention span, problems with communication and social skills
  • Cognitive function: Learning disabilities, retardation
  • Diseases: Asthma, lung and heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol
  • Geriatrics: To enhance use of maximum potential to maintain/increase capacity for day to day functioning, both physical and emotional.

Pool Specifications

The indoor pool is located in an aesthetically pleasing, safe and comfortable environment on the third floor of Ezer Mizion’s Jacob Fried Building.

The water in the pool and the pool area are climate controlled (heat and air conditioning). The pool area is built with top-of-the line fittings and accessories, ensuring a pleasant hydrotherapy experience.

The pool area is large and fully equipped to allow for comfortable and effective therapy in the pool. Its facilities are well maintained and immaculate. Strict rules are enforced to ensure safety and proper conduct.

Hydrotherapy activities include various techniques which are conducted by qualified and experienced staff under professional supervision. The pool works with Kupot Cholim (Israel Health Service insurance providers).