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Join Ezer Mizion in partnering with Israel's Largest Health Support Organization


Dedication of an Ambulance:
New Ambulance: $158,000

Ambulance Equipment:
Wheeled Stretcher: $4,200
Ferno Chair for patient transport on stairs: $1,000
First Aid Kit: $700

Ambulance Furnishings
Cabinets, seating: $46,000
Lift – elevates wheelchair into ambulance: $10,500
Life pack (electric shock, heart regulator, EKG): $12,400
4 Year Maintenance Guarantee: $13,300
Oxygen Tank and Accessories: $550
One Day Ambulance Upkeep: $400
One Week Ambulance Upkeep: $2,200
One Month Ambulance Upkeep: $9,300

Please contact us at 718-853-8400 or e-mail us for more information on how to make your dedication.

Honoring or Memorializing Loved Ones

A most welcomed comfort to the bereaved family:
Increase the spiritual merit of a loved one or friend who has passed on by donating in his memory to help the sick.

When a friend or relative is ill and you are searching for ways to help:
A charitable donation in his honor will be most appreciated and of profound value

Searching for the perfect gift to repay a favor?
A contribution to aid those less fortunate is a meaningful means of expressing your gratitude, a gift that will be cherished always

An acknowledgement letter will be sent with your best wishes as per your instructions.

Personalized Donor Pool

A Personalized Donor Pool is a unique opportunity for an individual or group to become a sponsor of the DNA testing of a segment of Ezer Mizion’s Registry. The pool can be named in honour or in memory of a loved one. Upon initial testing, every sample is given a tracking code.

A Personalized Donor Pool will enable significant growth of the Registry thus substantially increasing the probability of saving the life of each patient whose sole chance of survival is a transplant.

For more information on how you can become a partner in saving lives by establishing a personalized donor pool in the name of your choice, please contact the Ezer Mizion Office by phone at 718-853-8400 or via e-mail.

Celebrate with Ezer Mizion!

Make your occasion an Ezer Mizion celebration! Ezer Mizion will be delighted to help you come up with ideas to make your simcha a truly joyous event. We also offer certificates that enable you to honor a birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding or other occasion with a donation to Ezer Mizion.

To share your celebration with Ezer Mizion, please contact the Ezer Mizion Office by phone at 718-853-8400 or via e-mail.