Referrals and Advocacy

Should I see my family doctor? Do I need a specialist? Is it an emergency? Am I being overly concerned? Everyone has questions like these at one time or another. Ezer Mizion’s Medical Referral Department was created to address precisely these types of issues.

The Ezer Mizion Medical Referral team recommends top doctors and specialists in Israel and around the world, answers questions about medical conditions and treatments, and assists with the practical details of arranging appointments and treatments.

The Ezer Mizion Medical Referral team welcomes all medical queries, from the most basic to the most complex, giving patients the answers they need with courtesy and patience.

In many cases, the referral team acts as a liaison between a specialist and a patient, ensuring that the patient’s concerns are addressed and that he or she receives the necessary attention and treatment.

The Medical Referral Department handles well over 100 calls a day, and responds to each request for information in a timely, courteous manner.

In addition, Ezer Mizion’s Strike A Match program promotes counselling and education with the goal of bringing together couples with medical issues. 

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