500 Soldiers Recognized for Saving LIves

Much is said about Jewish sacrifice and heroism.

But there are various ways
to save lives,and one is through
organ and bone marrow transplants.
The IDF has joined the
National Bone Marrow Bank so that
soldiers not only defend the country,
but contribute in additional
ways to saving lives.Wednesday
evening,at Ronit Farm near Shefayim
en route to Netanya,Defense
Minister Moshe Ya’alon is scheduled
to be the keynote speaker at
gala event organized byEzer Mizion
that operates the bone marrow
bank and registry The evening is in
celebration of the 5OOth IDF bone
marrow donation. Ezer Mizion and
the top brass of the IDF are to salute
the 500 male and female soldiers
that donated to people who would
otherwise have died. Each of the
soldiers is to receive medal of recognition.
This is the first time that
such medals are being awarded. Dr.
Bracha Zisser, director of Ezer
Mizion’s International Bone Marrow
Registry and the organization’s
founder and chairman Rabbi
Chananya Chollak are presiding
over the event