In honor of Pesach: Occupational Rehabilitation Center participants, which also teaches life skills, prepared a gift for their Pesach hosts – an arrangement including a plant, chocolates and wine, alpr mental health Pesach gift 2013 1568_ne_related_content_a_pic_2581cong with a personal dedication.

At Ezer Mizion’s Mental Health Division, the Life Skills Center forms an integral part of the Occupational Rehabilitation project.

The Life Skills Center functions five days a week, led by a professional staff specially trained in the area of mental health and occupation. The Center offers clients a broad spectrum of enrichment activities and classes, which they can attend alongside their work in at Ezer Mizion’s sheltered workshops where they are gainfully employed as part of their rehabilitation program.

The Life Skills program aim is the empowerment of the rehabilitating men/women and development of their abilities in a range of social and emotional areas.

In addition to the ongoing activities – such as gardening, anger contropr mental health Pesach gift 2013l, illness and recovery management, IMR, and more – a special activity was added to the program in preparation for the Pesach holiday: preparing a gift for their hosts.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the clients’ feeling of capability and foster the good feeling that comes with creating a quality gift and giving it to another person. This is significant for the rehabilitating men, as it raises their awareness of their own and other people’s emotions and efforts, and impresses the importance of expressing appreciation.