To Rabbi Chanania Chollak shlit”a – International Chairman of Ezer Mizion
The ultimate in literary artistry cannot possibly capture even a glimmer of your multifaceted efforts to help a suffering Jew. The little stories that no one is aware of, the concern and genuine caring that you harbor towards every Jew in need of helppr Chananya Chollak – that is Ezer Mizion!
The page is not long enough to contain all my words of appreciation. One word would follow another, and yet the mosaic that comprises your special personality would not yet be complete. But at least, in the brief space remaining on this page, I will try to encapsulate my thanks.
To my distress, the Creator afflicted me with suffering as atonement for my sins and sent me the infamous “illness,” which ravaged all parts of my body. The illness festered inside me for a long time. During this period, I endured tormenting pain as I underwent the grueling treatments necessary to defeat the disease.
At first, I was hospitalized at the Meir Hospital in Kefar Saba. Later, I was able to transfer to the Tel Hashomer Hospital. This move was uncomfortable for me, due to the unrelenting pains that clawed at my body. But it was all worthwhile, not only because of the warm attention of the hospital staff, but more importantly, because of the Ezer Mizion volunteers that appeared in my room regularly, their faces glowing with joy. Their helping hand was always outstretched to me, whether it was to arrange tasty kosher food or to offer words of encouragement and empowerment. These words filled my broken spirit and tortured body with new vitality – and for this, I am forever grateful.
With Hashem’s help, after half a year of hospitalization, I was released. Other than the usual follow up, I am able to rejoin the world and am slowly but surely regaining my previous health and physical stamina. I’m sure that you, the people at Ezer Mizion, totally forgot, or perhaps did not even notice, the small acts of kindness that you dealt me during my hospital stay. I’m sure that “small” stories such as these even appear on the radar of your every day routine. You may not even be aware of the flames of gratitude warmly flickering in the hearts of the Ezer Mizion recipients, a direct result of your sincere outstretched hand.
A healthy person cannot fathom the depth of appreciation felt by the ill when someone asks, “How are you?” and really wants to know. I especially want to thank Rabbi Eli Bruner, head of Ezer Mizion’s Tel Hashomer branch, who always showed his concern for me, inquired how I was feeling, and helped me out at every possible occasion. Thanks are due also to your volunteers, Idit and Ophira, for their work and assistance, always tendered with genuine warmth. They helped me pass the time with interesting activities and also enhanced my daughter’s visits at the cancer patient activity center on the Beilinson Hospital grounds, and for this I will always very grateful.
Recently, I received an Ezer Mizion Chinese auction catalog. I am happy to have an opportunity to contribute to your wonderful organization, after I myself experienced its marvelous, wide-range work first hand. Therefore, I chose to donate the highest suggested amount listed, as a token of appreciation for the phenomenal volunteer work you do with such devotion for every Jew. I feel confident and assured that the money is going to good hands, to people who know how to give of themselves to others. It is my pleasure and privilege to contribute to your organization whenever the occasion arises. May you continue to merit being the source of comfort and succor to all suffering Jewish people, and may divine blessing rest upon all that you do, bringing with it the full heavenly reward for all your efforts!