Meirav and Eli Hollander, parents of two-year-old Yair Yonatan

Our acquaintance with Ezer Mizion actually began on the giving end.

Today with other friends, we were among the first volunteers at the fun days that the organization runs for patients and their families.

Nine months ago, we experienced a tragedy. Our beloved toddler, Yair-Yonatan, drowned in the swimming pool. For long months, he was hospitalized at the Schneider hospital. Ezer Mizion volunteers appeared at our side from the first moment, offering good advice, and mainly support and a warm embrace.

When it was time to bring Yair-Yonatan home, Ezer Mizion took care of everything that was needed to care for such a child at home – a special bed, feeding equipment, nebulizer equipment, oxygen tanks, and more. Everything was delivered to our home quickly and thoughtfully. It isn’t easy to take a child who was a normal, healthy little boy, and adapt to the reality of a child with brain damage. We didn’t have to ask Ezer Mizion for anything. They simply were there for us and helped us.

Now the question is how to take the new situation of a child with brain damage to a good place, a place of giving. From our struggle with this difficulty, we learned how much giving to others strengthens you and helps you cope with things. Giving in the framework of Ezer Mizion strengthen and empowers us.”