Snow is a way of life for many people. Only a few inches? Ho hum.  But in Israel it is a momentous event with schools closing and roads closed for even a relativelypr ambulance snow 1- 2013 small amount of snow.


For children, it is the ultimate delight. Even parents join them in their frolicking.  But the disabled who has an important doctor’s appointment, the dialysis patient who is due at the clinic that day, the frail, elderly holocaust survivor who needs to see his physician today—they are helpless without the assistance of Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance Division. Its fleet of eighteen ambulances is professionally outfitted to service the wheelchair patient, the oxygen dependent patient and many others. Its drivers think nothing of carrying a patient up and down three flights of stairs with the utmost care and respect for his dignity.

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And when the country is at a standstill due to a snowstorm?

As a result of the recent snowfall in Jerusalem, Ezer Mizion had ambulances specially fitted for snow travel available to transport patients and mobility-impaired individuals to medical treatment, doctor’s visits and to or from the hospital.

Owners of four wheel drive vehicles were rallied to augment Ezer Mizion’s ambulance fleet with transport of patients who are not wheelchair or stretcher bound and can get in and out of cars.

The cost of this vital service? All ambulance and volunteer car transport is provided by Ezer Mizion free of charge! One Jew helping another to meet his amb snow 1525_ne_photo_stories1_9a8f8 That is Ezer Mizion’s mission.