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What do cooking and cancer have in common?

Not much but at Ezer Mizion, anything that will bring pleasure to those dealing with cancer is incorporated into its program. Raising the spirits of a patient will better enable her to fight the battle for life, as is well known in the medical field.

Smiles are the goal and so, in an innovative attempt to bring those smiles to the faces of these courageous women, a culinary workshop took place recently for women with cancer and women whose children are engaged in the same battle.

The workshops were given by professional chefs who gave over the recipes to be prepared for the day’s delectable spread. The tasks were divided up among the participants. As the women worked, the chefs interjected tips and general directions for correct cooking. At the conclusion of the session, the women all sat together to enjoy the fruit of their labor – a gourmet four-course meal with smiles as the main course. It was perfect opportunity to share their stories in a relaxed atmosphere with those who understand.

The culinary workshops will now be held twice a month. They will comprise another aspect of Ezer Mizion’s unabated flow of ideas to help people struggling with illness.

Ezer Mizion welcomes any new ideas from viewers who are in touch with someone who has gone through the battle. Your comments will be reviewed by staff.

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