A response usually arrives within minutes by one of our eager volunteers

What happens afterwards? The thousands of members of Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life, a WhatsApp group, routinely answer each beep of their phone to see if they are able to respond to the next emergency. They probably wonder what happens after they pick up vital medication or drive someone to a hospital.  Read on to see what happened after one Linked to Life volunteer responded to a request to drive  a group of volunteers to Rambam Hospital.

The group comes every Friday. They sing and bring a cheery atmosphere to the rooms so permeated with sadness. The patients love them. The depressed family members grab hold of this lifeline of   normalcy, a reprieve from the Planet of Despair.

When volunteers give their all

This Friday all was as expected. The volunteers was called into this room, then that room. They sang. They danced. They joked and played with the kids. A mother asked if her room can be next. No one had smiled in that room for so long. Her daughter, a 26-year-old with a brain tumor, had become blind.  Before the family could come to terms with the horror of this situation, it worsened. Their young daughter, who had hardly begun life, fell into a coma. The songs began and, as she had done in previous weeks, the mother held her daughter’s hand and told her to squeeze if she hears the song.

Not expecting anything different from other weeks, the mother tried to give herself over to the beautiful strains of music surrounding her being.

Then she felt it!

The mother felt a squeeze. Then another one. And another. The volunteers saw it and began to put their all into the music. A nurse arrived. She called another one. Soon the room was crowded with doctors and nurses. The group moved to slow, soulful songs. In tears, the mother asked for another song and another and another. The squeezes kept coming. And so did the tears. Everyone in the room was crying. And then….then the unbelievable happened.

The girl woke up!

One Ezer Mizion volunteer who took time off from his schedule to drive a group of volunteers. One small group of caring people who took time off their schedules to bring joy to others. Mix them together and what do we get? A miracle.

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