A special “Evening of Appreciation” was held in Netivot, a town in southern Israel, honoring the organizations that work selflessly on behalf of the city’s popupr Netivot municipality appreciation of EM 7 12 1450_ne_photo_stories2_16927lation.

The event was organized by the Netivot municipality, in collaboration with the Netivot Community Centers and prominent city figures.

At the evening, many compliments were given to the Netivot Ezer Mizion branch, and the branch was even awarded a special certificate of honor. Ezer Mizion was invited to point out two exceptional volunteer workers.

The ones chosen were Mr. Yaakov Trebelsi, a successful Netivot businessman, who owns a tax consultation and bookkeeping services enterprise. Despite his busy schedule and manifold responsibilities, Mr. Trebelsi is an outstanding volunteer, always available for our every request.

The second outstanding volunteer chosen was Mr. Ami Balchadav, a public community figure and dedicated, veteran volunteer, who never turns down a request by any patient, regardless of the time and distance involved.pr Netivot municipality appreciation of EM  7 12 1450_ne_photo_stories1_e495a

Certificates were also awarded to volunteers at the activity clubs for special needs children and in homes, volunteer drivers, hospital volunteers, and a variety of other dedicated volunteers at the Netivot Ezer Mizion branch.

There is nothing like the caring Jewish people!