Recap: Cancer. It depletes the body’s strength but it does so much more. It invades the very soul. The terror and helplessness destroy the self-assurance of its victims, leaving them floundering like a shaky, fearful rag doll. The spirit, a vital partner with chemotherapy in healing, is weakened.

Ezer Mizion has many methods of invigorating that vulnerable spirit with positive vibes. Art Therapy is a favorite.  Each year the Cancer Support Division’s Art Workshop presents an exhibit for the public in which cancer patients have expressed their innermost thoughts via visual art. The program empowers the patient to create and regain the self-respect he has lost in the bewildering maze of fear and horror. Two submissions were presented to our readers last week. Below is another one of the submissions:

Art Therapy for Cancer Patients

The illness shook up my world and caused me to lose control over my body and my life. I was helpless. I tried putting myself together but all I achieved was frustration. Life has ambushed me, setting a trap. I wasn’t ready.

And another:

Art Therapy for Cancer Patients

I reached out from within my prison with the crab that scientists call Cancer. I reached out but I could not get passed the unyielding walls. ‘Hand in hand, if you’ll just give me your hand. Hand in hand we’ll walk the whole way…’

We look forward to sharing more submissions with you next week. May each participant be blessed with a speedy and full recovery.