Partnership 5773: Yated Israel September 2013

Partnership 5773

The year 5773 draws to a close, and as is customary in companies and organizations at the end of the year, Ezer Mizion sums up everything that was done in all its divisions and prays for a better year in all respects.

pr bldg DG857317At Ezer Mizion, the year 5773 was characterized by significant expansion in all areas of help and assistance under the organization’s command. All this is thanks to Ezer Mizion’s dear partners, who gave the organization the ability and the strength to press forward in their work.

Ezer Mizion is now entering the thirty-fourth year of its activities. Continue reading Partnership 5773: Yated Israel September 2013


They Didn’t Mix Up the Test Tubes

Anat, the daughter of Jenny, who was saved thanks to a bone marrow donation from Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry, relates:
There is a 20-year difference between my mother and me. We have a ‘contract’, that she ‘retires’ at age 100, and I, at age 80 – and that way, we won’t miss our regular daily chat…pr bmr Anat 1238088_234219193397691_1339497794_n Continue reading They Didn’t Mix Up the Test Tubes


Death…and then Life by Meital Yasur Beit-Or, “Israel Today”

Yifat Brilliant, of Givatayim, underwent two traumatic experiences in one brief month. One culminated in death…the other in life.  Bewildered, distraught, she suffered the loss of her mother who had been a key figure in her life. She sat shiva and immediately upon her rising from mourning, a call came in. Is she able to donate bone marrow to save a life?  pr bmr Yifat Brillliant 2013 1667_ne_photo_stories1_7c766


Life and death intertwined. Yifat drew upon strength from deep within her and rallied to the need. Continue reading Death…and then Life by Meital Yasur Beit-Or, “Israel Today”


Saving the Life of a ‘Mountain Jew’

Last week at the Maslulim Youth Center in Ohr Akiva, a stem cell donor recruitment drive was held to find a match for a leukemia patient from Ohr Akiva
by: Ariel Malkah

At the Aspr bmr 2013 Mountain Jews drive 1676_ne_photo_stories2_b4c85af Harofeh and Tel Hashomer Hospitals, Alexander was told that a bone marrow transplant was his only chance for life, but no matching donor was found in any registry anywhere in the world. Continue reading Saving the Life of a ‘Mountain Jew’


One of the Lucky Ones

pr bmr ShaharShahar patted her hair. She wanted to look especially nice. The hair was new. It has just grown to normal length. Last year, she didn’t have any at all. Last year she had been fighting for her life. She brushed a lock from her forehead, trying to brush away the memories of the nightmare last year at the same time. It was all over now. She had a bone marrow transplant. She was one of the lucky ones. Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry had a perfect genetic match for her. And now she was about to meet him-the one who saved her life. Continue reading One of the Lucky Ones


Because of You!

website bmr update template

As of May 1, 2013:

668,552 potential stem cell donors listed in Ezer Mizion’s Registry.
236,955 recruits tested, joining the Registry as part of their IDF induction.
5,533 complete donor-patient matches since our inception. 
1,264 lifesaving ste
m cell transplants for patients around the world – 
97 of them since the beginning of 2013.

In April 2013:  
complete donor-patient matches and – a record breaking
lifesaving transplants, with 14 from the following Personalized Donor PoolsContinue reading Because of You!


Of Little Engines and IDF Recruits

Some people fall and go on to conquer the world. Some people fall and just lie there. “What’s the use…I’ll never be successful at anything…”Sometimes Sharon felt he was one of the latter. He was challenged by a wide range of tough issues. He tried. He really did. His dream was to be a Border Patrol fighter. But his challenges, one by one, rose up and blocked his way. It was like playing Candyland, being close to the finish line and drawing the card that says ‘Go back 15 steps’.    Continue reading Of Little Engines and IDF Recruits


Of Cell Phones and Stem Cells

Perhaps it was the name they shared-stem cells and cell phones. Perhaps it was a sudden rush of love for his young daughter whose life had been in danger just a few short years ago. Perhaps it was his good character enabling him to retain a feeling of gratitude, even years later, combined with a strong desire to pay back. Perhaps it was all three which gave Yuval Kadosh the idea of using discarded cell phones to  help other cancer patients . Continue reading Of Cell Phones and Stem Cells


78% Bone Marrow Transplants from IDF Recruits

Ipr bmr registration 1466_ne_photo_0b6aen April 2013, Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Donor Registry

facilitated twenty-eight lifesaving transplants. In twenty two of these transplants (78%), the donor was an IDF recruit.

For the past seven years, the IDF has been collaborating with Ezer Mizion to save lives, with IDF soldiers joining the Registry as a routine step in their induction process. Continue reading 78% Bone Marrow Transplants from IDF Recruits