o Yaakov and Ariel,Who carry the responsibility of the passengers and drivers on their shoulders,

Who open the door to every request, and help out each one in the best possible way.

To the devoted driver,

Who loyally holds the steering wheel,

His tires churning out countless kindnesses in all kinds of places.

And always happily, with a smile – even as far as Haifa, when necessary.

Ever ready to help, even when the way is long and tiring.

As you drive, the spotlight signals to all the other drivers on the road

The bright red letters engraved on your vehicle:

Ezer Mizion – ours is yours!

Our blessings to our dedicated Rabbi Chananiah Chollak shlit”a:

May workers such as these continue to serve

In the tremendous powerhouse that rests on your shoulders.

May the motors never cease to hum,

But rather continue to assist, to transport, to give and give, at all times!