The Real Thing
The Real Thing

Hi  everyone!


Remember me? I’m the one with CP who got to go on that fantastic Ezer Mizion trip to the beach-this time not in my imagination but for real! Remember how I described how my counselor made things so great for me. He actually got me into the water. Waves crashing around me. The feel of the sand under me. Being able to touch the crest of the wave as it came to meet me. Not even my imagination-and remember, I have a great one- could have pictured what that felt like. So you understand how close I feel toward him. Nothing could keep me away from sharing his special moments. Nothing. So listen to what happened.

As you recall, last week, there was very heavy rain. I was on my way to Jerusalem. The driver who took me in his van to Jerusalem always drives pretty fast. Usually that doesn’t bother me, because I also want to get there, the faster the better. After all, I may be a CP patient but first and foremost, I’m a young guy and enjoy the same things all of us guys enjoy.   But that day, it was really pouring buckets during the entire trip.

At some point along the way, there must have been potholes on the road, or maybe speed humps, I don’t know what exactly. Suddenly, the van gave a very big jump, and along with it, I jumped too, even though I was strapped in, and I got a strong blow from the wheelchair handle. I let out a real howl. The driver got scared and stopped at the side of the road. He got out to check what happened to me. I told him that I got banged in my back and that it hurt a lot. He explained to me that in the rear section of the vehicle, the springs are very high, and it is really more sensitive to road bumps.

This didn’t make me feel any better and didn’t help alleviate the strong pains either. Every movement was painful and I was afraid that if I lay down, I wouldn’t be able to get up.

Towards noon, they called my mother to tell her what happened, and she said they should give me a pill to relieve the pain. It hurt a real lot. When it was time to return home, I was frightened about the trip, but I had no choice. All the way home, I suffered every time the van jumped. I groaned to myself the entire time and prayed that we would get home quickly. The driver tried to drive slowly so that it wouldn’t hurt me too much.

I finally went to the doctor, who sent me for an x-ray. Thank G-d, the x-ray showed that I did not have a break or even a crack, but the doctor said that a dry bruise hurts a lot, and that they should give me pain relievers.

Since then, almost a week has passed. It still hurts, and I haven’t been going to Jerusalem much (I went only once and it was hard for me). I missed a lot of stuff and I felt bad about it. But there are some things that cannot be missed. No matter what.

Four days after the accident, my counselor from last year’s Ezer Mizion retreat got married, and I knew that I just had to go. Look what he had given me! He gave me experiences. He gave me understanding. And most of all, he treated me like a person who wants to enjoy things like anyone else. He gave me self-respect. That ‘s Ezer Mizion for you. From the top to the bottom, the staff treats you with such love and dignity, you can’t help loving them back.  I had to share his special day. We were almost like brothers.

The wedding was in Modi’in Ilit and my parents said it would be too difficult for me to make the trip. I refused to give in, and in the end, they had no choice. My father took me together with my attendant to the wedding.

We came in the middle of the dancing, and the chatan was really excited to see me. I was even more excited to see him and to be there with everyone. He danced with me (in my wheelchair of course!) in the middle of the circle, and after the dance finished, he sat me down next to him and told me how happy he was that I came. He said the wedding would not have been the same without my sharing it. I knew he meant it. We’re all family at Ezer Mizion. We really care about each other.

I came home with aches and pains on the outside, but inside, where it really counts, I felt so good. I’m part of Ezer Mizion and they are all part of me. My ‘brother’ got married and I shared in his joy.  Hope I feel better next week.

From me,

Menachem Weiss

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