A hearty thank you to Ezer Mizion. The typical parent cannot imagine what our life is like. Each day, each minute revolves around our special child. At times it’s a medical issue. At times it is practical-like providing for his needs when the other children are clamoring for theirs. And sometimes it is financial.

pr general helping hand saving from drowningThe expenses can be overwhelming. We were desperate. We applied to the National Insurance Institute to get a Disability Allotment for our son. We presented our case in detail, confident that we would receive help. But we were shocked when our case came back: DENIED. Grown adults are supposed to be too mature to throw a tantrum but that is what we felt like doing. Dealing with the emotional frustration, the fears, the worries should be enough. To receive no financial help either felt like the straw that may break us.

Then a friend mentioned Ezer Mizion. ”Try,” he said. “It can’t hurt.” So we tried. Expecting a callous, no-nonsense, professional approach, we were prepared to once again present the details of our case with all the ramifications to our lives. Did you ever play the game as a child where you pull a stick held by another person with all your might and then the other person suddenly lets go. We arrived at the Ezer Mizion Family Counseling and Information Center all set for battle. Maybe we even had a chip on our shoulder. Until she smiled. The interview was so pleasant. She understood. We didn’t have to explain. There was an immediate rapport and we could see that she really cared.

She was extremely knowledgeable. We received detailed guidance, provided patiently and pleasantly. They told us exactly how to appeal the case, what to say, and what documents to bring. Success! We were awarded an allotment and even received retroactive payment, which came to quite a significant sum!

And there was more. Ezer Mizion accompanied us through the process and explained to us all the rights and services available. We received a list of foundations that provide assistance with financial support. And since we were having trouble finding an appropriate school for our son, we also received a list of educational institutions that might be suitable for him. The Ezer Mizion staff appeared like an encyclopedia of knowledge on every aspect of dealing with a special child. The bill for this lengthy consultation, including a tremendous amount of follow up? Zero! Paid in full by the compassionate people who support Ezer Mizion. May you all be blessed.