(From the Yated magazine)

Esther P. from Bnei Brak wishes to give honorary mention to a uniquely devoted group of volunteers, who do not neglect those in need even on Erev Pesach. She “happened” to hear about the buzzing activity when she noticed a box at the doorway of a Bnei Brak family, filled with neatly stacked trays of cooked food for yom tov. The sticker identified it as being connected to Ezer Mizion. The woman of the household admitted that she serves as a way station for collecting freshly cooked food packages from families in her area, which are then picked up by a special driver and delivered to those in need and for the families of hospital patients.

The demand for kosher le’Pesach food comes to a head as Pesach approaches. At the height of the high-pressure Pesach preparations, women find the time and energy to stand in their kitchen and prepare kosher le’Pesach meals for needy families, carefully labeling the type of food, the kashrus supervision, and whether the food is sheruya (gebrokht) or contains kitniyot (legumes)…

This amazing chesed operation continues for the length of the yom tov. In the midst of hosting guests and heavy work in the kitchen, the volunteers continue to think about others. On Chol Hamoed, another collection is made, meant for Shabbos Chol Hamoed and Shvi’i shel Pesach. May the women participating in this unbelievable project be blessed, along with Ezer Mizion as a whole…!