They give every day. All day. They are the givers. Others are the receivers. The test comes when there is a request to change the dynamics. To become the receivers and in so doing, become the ultimate givers.

It wasn’t easy. They each had their roles. They worked together seamlessly as a team. But for one day, a receiver asked to be a giver.

Avigayil was turning twelve, a major milestone in any Jewish girl’s life. She would be considered an adult, capable of producing. And Avigayil longed to produce. She was a student in the school for special needs, in the autistic group. One of the receivers. But on this special day, she wanted to give. She wanted to volunteer to help out with the young Downs children.

Avigayil was sure she could do it, sure that she would be a tremendous help to the teachers, sure they would welcome her assistance. Her parents, though, had their misgivings.

Together with Avigayil, they broached the subject with Rav Chananya Chollak who immediately saw the whole picture. Rav Chollak’s passionate desire to help in any way possible permeates the atmosphere of every Ezer Mizion department and is absorbed by each employee from the professionals down to the maintenance crew.

The teachers embraced the idea. What an opportunity! And so, on this special day, Shiffy, the director of the Gutmacher Rehab Day Nursery and her entire staff patiently and graciously welcomed Avigayil, hosting her for the whole day. She was given responsibilities for each activity, overseen by a staff member. Exercises, morning circle, crafts, outdoor play, story hour…Avigayil was involved in it all. With each activity, she seemed to grow an inch, proudly playing the role of an adult in charge of others. For one day, she was a giver.

As this magical day drew to a close, it was time for the big surprise. A lovely cake was brought out and, amid song and hugs and thank-you’s for all her help, Avigayil celebrated her Bas Mitzvah together with ‘her’ class.

 A challenge welcomed and executed with perfection by our team. Soon it was our turn to show our appreciation for the entire nursery network staff, a regular feature of Ezer Mizion employment.  An evening of just plain fun. Water activity, a stand-up comedienne, a fantastic meal, music, each moment saying, “Thank you, team! You are all MVP’s!