90+ National Coffee Day 2021 Deals, Free Coffee & Discounts

It all starts from the top and it is in Israel that they learn how to create a proper ‘top’. It is the doctor that sets the tone for his clinic. PA’s and office staff follow his lead. A group of medical students are fortunate to learn in Haifa Technion and are given a daily lesson on how to care for a patient. They help man an Ezer Mizion midday cafeteria wagon which services patients’ family members and the doctors. A steaming cup of coffee accompanied by a scrumptious piece of cake does so much to enable the frazzled doctor or the drained family member to return to his post refreshed and ready for the next round.

One of the senior doctors, a professor and lecturer at the medical school in the Haifa Technion turned to Ezer Mizion with a request for a cafeteria wagon which will be manned by med students. “I want our foreigners, students from overseas to be involved- hands on”. It’s important that my medical students get to feel the genuine need of giving. In many offices, the first question is: What is your insurance. When they open their own offices, I want them to know that, when in Israel, they learned how to really care. The first question: How would you like your coffee?