Dear Tehilla, Avital and Orit, 

There are sweet little kids, hardly noticed at all
And bigger kids that everyone always recalls.
These children are stars that twinkle so bright,
Illuminating the world each day with their light.

But if they are the stars, then you are the sun
Kindling the glow in each and every one.
Darkness and pain, from them you release –
Illuminating their path with softness and peace.

Like the sun in the sky, you shower your light
And make sure that for them, everything’s just right.

You work with these souls the whole year, throughout
Their deep, hidden feelings, you gently draw out.
And then after a year, when they grow and they learn,
Comes the great summer camp for which all year they yearn.

Tehilla and Avital, the summer camp coordinate,
Planning and arranging a program that’s great.
Orit organizes the line-ups – simply amazing,
A smile on her face, her mouth always praising.

Thank you all for the love that you lend,
And the faith and hope that in Naomi you extend.
Thanks for all you do to take such good care,
Keeping her happy and occupied the entire year.

Special thanks for everything!

Naomi’s big sister,
Yafit Yashar