Dear Mrs. Lerner,

Several weeks ago, I accompanied my mother on a walk that Ezer Mizion sponsors for elderly women in the National Park. I was so impressed by the sense of responsibility exhibited by Ruth (the Ezer Mizion volunteer) that I felt that I must write to you.  Her pleasantness and kindness are reflected by her warm smile and the very respectful way with which she responds to every question posed by the participants.  She is personally acquainted with each and every one of them, and knows how to say the right word to each one.  They all return her love, with love.

During the exercise sessions that precede the walking, she closely observes each one. She smiles and encourages and makes sure that anyone who needs a partner to help her during the walking is properly accompanied. I witnessed how she personally took under her wing an elderly woman who had difficulty walking alone. I was once again amazed by her heartwarming and genuinely respectful attitude.

Thank you again for your wonderful enterprise!

Mrs. T’s daughter