The Deputy Mayor gets a first-hand look at the organization’s work and the many projects it operates
Mr. Matan Deal, Deputy Mayor of Rehovot, recently came for a visit at the Ezer Mizion branch in the city.
Also present at the tour were Rabbi Chanaya Chollak, International Chairman of Ezer Mizion, and Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, Director of Internal Relations at Ezer Mizion. The tour was led by Mrs. Varda Kahana, director of Ezer Mizion’s Rehovot branch.
In the course of the visit, the Deputy Mayor met volunteers and was exposed to the extensive work Ezer Mizion is doing in Rechovot, such as: Loan of medical, rehabilitative, and alternative communication equipment, hot meals for the elderly and for families of patients, an ambulance transport network, home visits, mental health services, aid for seniors, and more.
The Deputy Mayor was also duly impressed by the national projects run by the organization, among them the Bone Marrow Donor Registry, the Oranit Guest House for children with cancer and their families, and the tapestry of services that the organization has woven in a broad range of social service, health, and educational fields.
Next, the entourage continued to the Rehabilitative Day Care center that Ezer Mizion operates in Rehovot, where the Deputy Mayor viewed the spectrum of special activities that the center offers special-needs children and their families. He was amazed at the high professional standards maintained by the Day Care facility.
At the conclusion of the tour, Matan Deal warmly thanked Rabbi Chollak, the Day Care center staff, and the Rehovot volunteers for their tremendous contribution to the city and to the entire Israeli community through the high quality, vital, and life-saving services they provide.