From the files of Ezer Mizion:

When my eldest daughter, Valerie, died of cancer, I began to seek meaning in life. I refused to accept the idea that our lives are random, that they have no meaning beyond mundane, everyday occupations. I wanted to carry on the path of my daughter, who was a beaming girl, with a huge, giving heart. I wanted to do something really important. I wished to donate not only money, but also of my time and efforts — which seemed to me a more significant contribution. Ezer Mizion gave me the opportunity to fulfill my wish.

I willingly took on volunteer assignments in Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life project, where I was asked to help drive patients to treatments, bring meals to the ill and needy, deliver medicines, and more. Among these were quite a few assignments that left their mark and touched on deeply set memories.

One time, I had to pick up a Kupat Cholim card from an elderly couple, buy medications at the local drug store, and bring the medicines to their house. When I got to the drug store, it turned out that one of the medications had run out. It would be two days before the next batch arrived. The pharmacist called the woman to inform her and it seemed that she needed this medication urgently, because she’d finished the previous package and it was biological treatment for cancer.

I remember how I sat in the drug store and waited while the pharmacist called up other drug stores in an effort to locate the necessary medicine. I was really worked up. For me, there wasn’t even a question whether or not to continue the assignment and drive to a different drug store to pick it up; I was determined to wait and to drive wherever necessary.

After I’d completed the assignment and was “in the clouds” — I felt that I’d done something genuinely significant — while I was still on a high, I got into my car, turned on the radio, and suddenly I hear the song, “Here Comes the Sun,” which was my daughter’s cell phone ringtone and her favorite song. On the radio, it sounded exactly like her ringtone — as if Valerie was calling me on the phone to say, “Ima, I’m with you and I’m proud of you.” I couldn’t have gotten a nicer gift!

Lately, my younger daughter has been joining me for quite a few assignments and also taking part in this activity (incidentally — terrific quality time…). About a week ago, we went to distribute meals in Beilinson Hospital. As we schlepped heavy bags full of food through the hallways, looking for the right room, she suddenly asked me: “Ima, what is your goal in life?” This question threw me a few years back, when Valerie said that she believes we have come to this world in order to help others.

And that is totally also Ezer Mizion’s goal.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part and to contribute! And thank you for helping both me and my daughter in our search for the purpose of life.