Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life: The Beeps Keep Coming

Linked to Life: We’re all connected!

We all remember what Purim was like. That special electricity in the air as we rush from house to house sharing treats and Purim joy. In the center of the Avenue, a rabbit dances with a lion to bouncy Purim tunes. On the next block, a miniature Mordechai gleefully rides a pony while being led by “Haman” announcing to the world, “Thus shall be done…” Many of Ezer Mizion’s  Linked to Life volunteers add another dimension to their holiday festivities by granting Purim wishes to people in need. Continue reading Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life: The Beeps Keep Coming


Special Purim Fun

clown 2
Purim fun

Special children are unique. Their abilities are unique. Their understanding is unique. Their needs are unique. Should that mean that they cannot participate in the joy of Purim, a day that is often termed ‘the children’s holiday’?  is it possible to create a unique Purim atmosphere, geared especially for them?

A ‘Special’ Purim carnival? Continue reading Special Purim Fun


Purim in Spite of CP

The Heichal Chanah Congregation hosted an especially lively Purim party for members of thpr spec CP matan Purim[party 2014 2e Matan Club for special needs teens and young adults, a project of the Ezer Mizion branch in Petach Tivkah. The party took place in the beit knesset courtyard with the active participation of the community’s families and children, who all danced together and made sure the event would be absolutely perfect.pr spec CP Matan Purim party 2014 1 Continue reading Purim in Spite of CP


A Special Purim

pr special Purim 2013Preparing for Purim with a special child home on vacation??! Impossible! Ezer Mizion volunteers took care of the problem with a trip to Jerusalem’s Bibical Zoo. One volunteer for each special child to be sure they had the absolutely bestest time ever.



Purim Fun for Golden-Agers

Who says therapy has to be boring? At Ezer Mizion, therapy for the seniors is always fun especially around Purim time.pr Purim therapy for the elderly



Straight from the Heart

Pure and simple. Straight from the heart. Ten year old David reached for his bag eagerly. It was only a simple cellophane bag, empty at that, but it was important to him. It was his means of giving and David had already learned the joy of bringing happiness to another. “Sure I’m looking forward to a lot of nosh this Purim but this is different.pr Purim girl w balloons In a way, it’s more fun than getting a bagful of goodies. I don’t know how to explain it but you know what I mean, don’t you?” Continue reading Straight from the Heart