Thank You!

“Shalom Ezer Mizion!

“I wanted to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to Yechiel, an ambulance driver for your organization in the Holon/Bat-Yam region. Yechiel, in spite of the draining work, always greets my mother with a smile and with endless patience. He looks out for the welfare of his passengers, is caring and attentive, and showers them with blessings that are worth far more than just another word.

“Yechiel is a treasure! In great part thanks to him, my mother keeps smiling, in spite of all her hardships. Besides the fact that we truly appreciate your organization and your holy work, it is really important to me/us that you give Yechiel a pat on the back and a good word in our name.

“It certainly is not self-understood to be a driver in such a difficult area, for a sickly, demanding, and not always patient and appreciative population. Yechiel is really a treasure, with all that implies. The word “thanks” is almost insignificant, in relation to the broad feelings I would want to translate into words so as to thank him, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough words in the Hebrew lexicon to properly capture those feelings.
So –, kudos to you, Yechiel for what you are and what you choose to do and how you choose to do it, day after day!

“With appreciation and gratitude,
Shulamit & family”